ANALYZE Romania’s role in NATO’s aid to Ukraine

American President Joe Biden announced, on Tuesday night, at the opening of the NATO summit in Washington, that the USA, together with other partners, will grant Ukraine five anti-missile defense systems, listing Romania among the countries that will contribute to Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense and among the states where the alliance reinforces its presence with a battle group. Analysts Adrian Cioroianu and Valeriu Turcan explained for “Adevărul” how important Romania’s role is in the aid given to Ukraine by NATO.

Romania, involved in the historic donations of air defense equipment given to Ukraine PHOTO Archive

It is a pleasure to host you in this landmark year, let us look back with pride at our achievements and look to our shared future with strength and determination,” Joe Biden said at the opening of the NATO summit in Washington, adding that “aday, NATO is stronger than ever”and regarding the character of the North Atlantic Alliance that “it is fundamentally democratic and always will be“.

The American president then said that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to “wipe Ukraine off the map”, but he will not succeed.

In Europe, Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues, and Putin wants nothing less than the total subjugation of Ukraine to end Ukrainian democracy, destroy Ukraine, Ukrainian culture, and wipe Ukraine off the map. And we know Putin won’t stop at Ukraine, but Ukraine can and will stop Putin,” Biden said.

Joe Biden stated that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine led the Atlantic Alliance to strengthen its eastern flank, with a battle group including in Romania.

NATO is moving quickly, also not only reinforcing the four existing battle groups in the east, but also adding four more in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia”Biden said.

The US President announced “historic donations of air defense equipment” Ukraine, Romania being again among the states listed, as a supplier of additional tactical air defense equipment.

Today I am announcing the historic donation of air defense equipment to Ukraine. The United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Italy are providing equipment to Ukraine for five additional strategic air defense systems. and in the coming months the United States and our partners plan to provide Ukraine with dozens of additional tactical air defense systems. The US will make sure that when we export critical air defense interceptor missiles, Ukraine will be at the front of the line“, said the American president, adding that Ukraine will receive, in the next year, hundreds of interceptor missiles and that Russia will not emerge victorious from this war but “Ukraine will win!

In fact, the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis was the signatory of the joint statement regarding the strengthening of the air defense of Ukraine, together with his American counterparts Joe Biden, and the Ukrainian, Volodymyr Zelenski, and the Dutch, Dick Schoof, Italian, Giorgia Meloni, and German, Olaf Scholz prime ministers .

“Today we announce that we are collectively providing strategic air defense systems to Ukraine, including Patriot batteries donated by the US, Germany and Romania, Patriot components donated by the Netherlands and other partners to enable the operation of an additional Patriot battery and an additional donated SAMP-T system of Italy”said the leaders of the five donor states.

The Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) decided that Romania should supply Kiev with a PATRIOT surface-to-air missile system, during the meeting that took place on Thursday, June 20, at the Cotroceni Palace.

“Adevărul” reported, on the other hand, that President Klaus Iohannis declared in Washington, after the May meeting with President Joe Biden, that the current NATO presence in the countries on the eastern flank, including Romania, is not enough and asked them allies greater involvement, including with troops, to deter aggressors such as Russia.

In fact, the NATO battle group in Romania from the Cincu base, Brașov county, will be raised to brigade level from the year 2025, when it will have around 4,000 soldiers, as previously announced by the French general Loïc Girard, the most high French military representative in Romania.

What the specialists say

“Adevărul” talked to two well-known political analysts, Adrian Cioroianu, former Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2007-2008, and Valeriu Turcan, former presidential adviser and spokesperson of the Presidential Administration between 2007-2012.

So as regards Romania’s role in the aid given to Ukraine by NATO, Professor Adrian Cioroianu believes that our simple geographical position already determines our importance in Ukraine’s self-defense effort.

I think that by our simple geographical position we are very important in this effort to defend Ukraine, to defend Ukraine, and the fact that we have not always made public the details of this aid, I do not think that in current conditions it is a problem, because in fact what matters is the help and not the fuss made around it. We have a special sensitivity towards the Republic of Moldova, which is very exposed to various Russian attacks, either from the field of fake news, or from manipulations, or from provocations in Transnistria, and I think that this also mattered in not very loudly announcing the nature our aid to Ukraine”, explained Cioroianu.

The historian believes that the aid did not come as a surprise to us, nor to Russia, and its importance will be assessed later.

On the other hand, it was understandable, and I think Russia also expected, to help Ukraine in the idea of ​​defending its territory, given that we ourselves in our historical tradition have this problem of Russian expansionism. I have no doubt that Russia did not expect us to help Ukraine. So no surprise for them, no surprise for us that we helped Ukraine and in the end it doesn’t matter what he says, now, because history doesn’t end tomorrow. I am convinced that the historians of the day after tomorrow will be able to equate and will be able to inventory the nature of the help that we gave to Ukraine”stated Adrian Cioroianu.

The professor also mentioned that Ukrainians are aware of the importance of this help, and that proof is the messages of thanks that all Ukrainian officials have given, such as those written by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “Ukrainians know very well what exactly we help them with“, added Adrian Cioroianu.

Analyst Valeriu Turcan stated that our support for the neighboring country is “extremely important”, Romania playing a vital role in NATO and US plans in this regard.

Romania’s support for Ukraine continues to be extremely important. We are neighbors and without us and the Poles, Ukraine’s situation would have been much more difficult. We are not only neighboring states, but states with direct access to Ukraine, therefore our role is vital in the plans of NATO and the United States”, said the analyst.

Valeriu Turcan stated that the aid is essential for Ukraine, and it will also increase Romania’s credibility at the international level.

Ukraine’s strengthened air defenses are essential to its survival and survival as a country. The free world is mobilized for Ukraine and the help given by Romania is highly appreciated internationally. Being in solidarity without hesitation with an invaded country places you among the countries that matter, that you can hardly rely on. It increases Romania’s credibility at the international level”, the analyst explained.