Antena 1, defeated with its own weapons. Sorin Bontea won an important lawsuit

Victory in court for Sorin Bontea. Antena Group, the owner of Antena 1, lost an important lawsuit against the chef and must also pay 25,000 lei in court costs.

Sorin Bontea won a lawsuit against Antena 1. Photo: Archive

After the show “Chefi la Cuțite” broke up with its three jurors: Florin Dumitrescu, Sorin Bontea and Cătălin Scarlătescu, Antena Group decided to bring before the court those with whom it worked for seven years.

A series of lawsuits were filed, including the one against Sorin Bontea. Specifically, in the case we are talking about a presidential order by which Antena intended to prevent the appearance of the chef in the MasterChef show broadcast on Pro TV.

Considering the fact that Bontea and Pro TV won in the first instance, the Court of Appeal also decided the case in favor of the chef.

Rejects the appeal as unfounded. It obliges the appellant to pay to the respondents the court costs incurred in the appeal, namely 14,807.17 lei to the respondent Bontea Sorin and 10,659.88 lei to the respondent PRO TV SRL Definitive. Pronounced in public session today, 26.06.2024.”, it is stated in the decision of the Court of Appeal, consulted by on the Courts Portal.

Antena 1 is not on its first defeat. He lost two more lawsuits filed against Cătălin Scarlătescu, one on merits and a presidential ordinance. However, the decisions are not final.

In the first case in which Antena was defeated, the television wanted to force the chef to return to the show, while the presidential order sought to block the appearance on MasterChef.

We remind you that, in April of this year, PRO TV announced that the three chefs: Florin Dumitescu, Cătălin Scarlătescu and Sorin Bontea, will be sworn in on MasterChef Romania.

One month after this announcement, Antena Group submitted to the Bucharest Court presidential orders against both Pro TV and Dumitrescu and Scarlătescu.