Ukraine accuses Romania and Slovakia of cheating: the “argument” behind a journalistic ineptitude

Ukraine is worthy of football compassion at Euro 2024! Because, for the first time in the history of the continental competition, a national team collected 4 points in the group stage matches and was eliminated. And the drama of the Ukrainians is all the greater, as a national team like Slovenia, which did not beat anyone and collected only 3 points through three draws, advanced to the eighth round of Euro 2024!

Ukrainian fans experienced a disappointing Euro 2024. PHOTO: Facebook

Seeing this situation, Ukrainian journalists began to blame “WORKTOP” from the match Romania – Slovakia (1-1). This journalistic ineptitude can have only two explanations: either the authors of the texts in the Ukrainian press did not see the match in Frankfurt, which is very possible, considering that Ukraine – Belgium (0-0) was played from the same time. Whether the Ukrainian journalists were so convinced that Romania – Slovakia will be a fixed match, that they failed to see the reality on the field, where it was played for real.

And Digi Sport came up with another explanation for the way the Ukrainian press reacted after Romania – Slovakia (1-1). The quoted source noted that, according to the Ukrainian website, rather suspicious online bets, worth one million euros, were placed on a tie between Romania and Slovakia.

Starting from here, the Ukrainian media went wild and launched some completely unfounded accusations, as can be seen below.

* (Ukrainian website): Against Ukraine. Slovakia and Romania drew. After the first third of the second half, the teams started to play only to maintain the result. And the more time passed, the more obvious it was that the main events had already taken place and that nothing of note was going to happen on the field. The expectations were justified: the final score was a draw, 1-1. A result that suited both Romanians and Slovaks. But because of which the Ukrainians had to lose, and now we are forced to say goodbye to Euro 2024.

Digi Sport has taken over other headlines from the Ukrainian press and they all suggest that Romania – Slovakia (1-1) was, in fact, a draw!

*Champion: Slovakia and Romania signed a peace treaty at Euro 2024.

*RBC: Slovakia drew comfortably with Romania.

*Sport24TV: Predicted draw: Romania and Slovakia buried Ukraine at Euro 2024.

*NW: “Surprising” result. Romania and Slovakia played to a draw and qualified for the round of 16.

And the international press picked up on this aberration

If Ukrainian journalists can be accused of looking for a culprit, where there is no such thing, for the elimination of their national team from the European Championship, on the other hand, the fact that certain websites / newspapers in the international press went with the same idea, as if be top in Romania – Slovakia, it’s really shocking.

Among the publications that took up this nonsense, Marca (Spain), stood out, first of all: “The two teams met “biscotto” (no – top in Italian), after an exciting first half and the second half for the gallery“.

Euro 2024, the table of the best

June 29 (Berlin, 19.00): Switzerland – Italy

June 29 (Dortmund, 22.00): Germany – Denmark

June 30 (Gelsenkirchen, 19.00): England – Slovakia

June 30 (Koln, 22.00): Spain – Georgia

July 1 (Frankfurt, 19.00): France – Belgium

July 1 (Frankfurt, 22.00): Portugal – Slovenia

July 2 (Munich, 7 p.m.): Romania – Netherlands

July 2 (Leipzig, 22.00): Austria – Turkey