Baccalaureate 2024 simulation. Test of your choice. Geography subjects

We are in the third day of simulation of the Baccalaureate exam, and today the test took place to choose the profile and the specialization.

Candidates who chose Geography had to solve 3 subjects. The requirements in the first topic were based on the political map of Europe.

In the second subject, the students had to solve exercises related to the map of Romania – relief units, rivers and cities. They had to specify the names of three relief units that the Danube River crosses or delimits, according to


Another requirement was to specify the name of the largest river port, in terms of volume of goods traffic, located on the Rhine River in Germany.


The time for writing the topics for each written test was 180 minutes and was calculated immediately after the distribution of the topics to the candidates.

Tomorrow, March 7, there will be a written test for the native language and literature. The communication of the results is done on March 15, and the students' results will not be entered in the catalog. these will not be made public, but will be communicated through teachers.

The correction of the works will be digitized.