Baccalaureate 2024. What is the minimum average to pass the exam and what happens to those who get 5.99

The final exam, the Baccalaureate, is in full swing, and students and parents alike are experiencing great emotions and hope that the digitized evaluation platform will work, and that the grades and then averages on which college admission depends will be calculated correctly.

High school students still have to go through a few tests at the baccalaureate. Archive photo

The baccalaureate certification methodology for 2024 stipulates that, in order to pass, high school students must pass all the baccalaureate exam tests and obtain at least a grade of 5 in each of the written tests, and the final average must be at least 6. The same document also states what happens if a candidate gets an overall average of 5.99, according to Digi24.

Written works are digitally corrected. That is, the students will solve the papers on the exam papers, and at the end, they will be scanned by the teachers in front of the candidates. After scanning, the papers, which are anonymized, will be uploaded to a platform and randomly sent to two teacher assessors. If the difference between the marks awarded by them is greater than 1 point, two other evaluators are nominated to correct the work. After completing the proofreading of the paper, the marks awarded by each of the four evaluators are transferred to the paper. Then, the final grade is calculated from the 4 (four) grades. The resulting average represents the final grade.

After this stage has been completed, for each candidate who obtained at least a grade of 5 (five) in all the written exam samples, the general baccalaureate average is calculated, as an arithmetic average, with two decimal places, without rounding, from the grades obtained in each sample.

According to the methodology, the general baccalaureate average is not calculated for candidates who did not pass one or more tests, who did not appear for all tests or who were eliminated from a test.

The baccalaureate exam is considered to have been passed by high school students who meet, cumulatively, the following conditions: they have taken the competency assessment tests, they have taken all the written tests and obtained at least a grade of 5 in each of them, they have obtained at least an average of 6 in the written tests .

The candidate who, in one of the language and digital skills assessment tests, refuses to answer or solve the proposed topics is considered to have failed the respective test.

Minimum average 6

The average marks for the written tests are calculated as an arithmetic average, with two decimal places, without rounding and represent the overall average. For candidates who obtain an overall average of 5.99, the overall average is rounded up to 6.00.

Candidates who appeared for all the exam tests, but do not simultaneously meet the mentioned conditions, and those who did not appear for all the exam tests were removed from the exam room are declared rejected.

Those who were caught cheating or trying to cheat a test within the baccalaureate exam can no longer participate in the next tests and are declared “eliminated from the exam”, without the possibility of recognizing, in the following sessions, the grades for the tests passed before the elimination or language and digital skills assessment tests. It is considered that these candidates did not pass the baccalaureate exam.