Bergodi: Albu and Borza were fined, but we're not going to treat them like underdogs

The coach of the Rapid team, Cristiano Bergodi, stated, on Tuesday, in a press conference, that Alexandru Albu and Andrei Borza, players who were in the night club after the defeat with Poli Iasi, were fined, but will not be treated as some “shady“.

Cristiano Bergodi

The technician explained that he forgave them because they understood that they were wrong.

They received a financial penalty. I had a discussion with them, one wrote to me, another called me, the child (no – Borza). They understood well that they were wrong, but we're not going to treat them like thugs or I know… They were wrong, they also know they were wrong, we'll see what happens to them in the coming days. But forgiveness in Christianity is from God. And I am a person who understands. I made mistakes in the past as a player when I was young. I put myself in the place of Alex and Andrei. They understood, they are very disappointed. They asked me for forgiveness and then we will see what will happen after this match. They got a fine anyway, which is normal. But let's not treat them as if something went wrong… Because it's not a problem (no – that big)Bergodi said.

They train today and tomorrow with the club's second team. And we'll see on Thursday. I talked with them, one is 30 and the other 18… after all, it's football, what do we do. I would forgive any person, because one learns from mistakes. They will probably grow up even faster that way, at least Borza, who is a child. What to do, let's get them in the head. There are two players. It's like they did something… and they're treated like underdogs. Sure, they're upset, I was upset when I found out. It's not collegial what they did. They, the poor, are ashamed of me and my colleagues for what they have done. Of course, they weren't allowed to do that after that game. Especially since the supporters came and left disappointed. At least if you win, you go… we are people with heart, we are not robots. We will see in the coming days“, the coach explained.

The fast players Alexandru Albu and Andrei Borza left the training camp without permission and went to a night club, on Saturday evening, after the match with Poli Iasi, lost 1-3, away, in the 27th stage of the Superliga.