Bruce LeVell, advisor to Donald Trump, on US-Romanian relations: Let's make progress on trade

Bruce LeVell, adviser to Donald Trump, said for Adevărul that if he wins the US presidency, the former president will mediate peace talks in Ukraine. At the same time, he pleaded for the intensification of commercial exchanges with Romania.

What Donald Trump's adviser says about the war in Ukraine. Photo: The truth

At the “Make Europe Great Again” event, organized by AUR in Bucharest, one of the advisers of the former US president, Bruce LeVell, (main adviser of Donald Trump, former Small Business lawyer at the White House) also participated. He pleaded for peace negotiations in the war in Ukraine and for an equal contribution of the member states to NATO.

I speak for President Trump in terms of wanting to have peace, wanting to bring people to the table, first and foremost. I don't think this has been accelerated by the Biden administration, and one of President Trump's strengths is negotiating, sitting down (..) and having real discussions, as he did in the previous administration. You've seen the big hit with Kim Jong. You've seen the successes in not having wars under the Trump administration“, said Bruce LeVell, for the Truth.

He stated that business and negotiation skills are an advantage for “when he takes over the US presidency“Donald Trump.

Regarding the evolution of NATO under a new Trump administration, the former president's adviser argues that all member states should allocate resources equally.

Regarding relations with Romania, the businessman stated that if Donald Trump wins a new mandate, the ties between the two states will strengthen.

Our goal is to make progress on trade” said Bruce LeVell.

“I admire the resilience and culture of Romanians and it is so nice to be in this great nation, the home of the great gymnast of the world, Nadia Comăneci. I have always been a fan. Bucharest is very beautiful, we have so much in common, family values, freedom religious, the independence of having and supporting a business. We have so much in common, even though we are so far away.” LeVell concluded.