Why Romanians like Cyprus and how the authorities are trying to attract more and more tourists

A member state of the European Union since 2004, Cyprus stands out as the island with 320 days of sunshine per year.

The authorities in Cyprus are trying to attract more and more tourists

Also in Cyprus is the easternmost point of the Union, Cavo Greco, a spectacular protected natural park, located between the cities of Ayia Napa and Protaras, two of the most frequented tourist resorts.

Whether you're into beach lounging and cliff walks, or want to explore all that a destination has to offer, Cyprus offers tourists plenty of opportunities and authentic experiences.

According to representatives of the Cypriot Ministry of Tourism, although the most sought-after attractions remain the sun and the beach, the strategy to attract as many tourists as possible is to make the island accessible and attractive throughout the year, and for this, Cyprus plans to attract more tourists through the development of segments such as professional tourism – MICE (general business tourism, incentive tourism, tourism for meetings and congresses, fairs and exhibitions), religious tourism, hiking in nature, water sports, etc.

Another important segment is that of agritourism and gastronomic tourism, as well as that of organizing weddings.

“Romanians can easily find what they need for an amazing holiday in Cyprus. Because the island is an accessible destination all year round, the best time for beach and sun is the summer season, which starts in mid-April and lasts until the end of November, and to explore the historical side and the island in detail, the indicated period is winter, when it is not hot, and temperatures are somewhere between 16-18 degrees Celsius.

77 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag

The most sought-after activities by Romanians are those related to water sports, cruises, protected natural areas and relaxing in the sun and in the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean Sea, at the 77 beaches in Cyprus awarded with the Blue Flag (the Blue Flag is a certification awarded by the international organization Foundation for Environmental Education – to beaches that meet the organization's standards for environmental management, related to water quality, safety and environmental education – n. ed.). We also have a rich history and culture with interesting sites such as the mosaics of Paphos, the archaeological site of Kourion, the castles of Limassol and many more. For nature lovers, we recommend the Akamas peninsula and Cavo Greco, where you can get in touch with nature through a hike. Visiting the villages of Omodos and Lefkara, you can feel the authentic spirit of everyday local life.

Tourists can also experience unique activities such as that offered by MUSAN, an underwater forest and at the same time, underwater sculpture museum. The compact size of the island and the differences between the regions also allow tourists to enjoy either beaches with fine white sand or volcanic sand and rocks. For trekking, there are trails available on the website of the Ministry of Tourism and people have the opportunity to go on jeep safaris in the natural areas. And last but not least, sea cruises,” Ivan Gorobets, international relations, sales and marketing officer of the Cyprus Ministry of Tourism, told Adevărul.

The price for a mini sea cruise starts from 25 euros, and another unique experience is the possibility to pick and preserve your own fruit, directly from the orange, lemon and grapefruit orchards, with some farmers offering this activity with prices starting from 5 euros. The island's sunny climate is also the reason why most tropical fruits are harvested twice a year. Apart from hotels, agritourism guesthouses offer accommodation at lower prices, a short distance from the sea.

The Land of Legends

Cyprus is also famous for a special culinary experience called “Meze”, which every tourist should try. Meze is not actually the name of a particular dish, but of the experience of serving the meal. The host starts by serving a salad and a few appetizers, followed by fish and meat, which can reach up to 30 dishes. And like any island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is also surrounded by legends, the most famous of which is that of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, who, according to Greek mythology, was born from the swirling waters of the sea right here on this island. Petra tou Romiou, the place also known as “Aphrodite's Rocks”, is located on the road connecting Limassol to Paphos and is one of the most visited tourist spots on the island. The Ministry of Tourism in Cyprus has also developed an initiative called “Heartland of Legends”, which consists of a main route that crosses rural, mountainous areas further away from the urban environment, and other more thematic routes small, which start or end in the main route.

Cypriot tourism specialists recommend, for a successful vacation, in addition to 2-3 days only in the hotel, also rent a car for a day or two and explore the island. “Traveling in Cyprus is safe and comfortable. Visit the villages. It's important to know that Cyprus is not just a hotel holiday, it's an island holiday,” Ivan Gorobets said.

One of the tour operators providing charters for Cyprus is Join UP! Romania. This year, the air races start on June 2 and will be operated until September 2. According to the CEO of Join UP! Romania, Marius Surdu, flights will be available from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi, and the price for a tourist package starts from 433 euros per person, for a seven-night stay.

“Qn 2023, we had more than 6,000 tourists who traveled to Cyprus with Join UP! Both from Romania, as well as from Moldova, Ukraine and the Baltic States. We estimate that this year, from Romania alone, we will have over 3,000 Romanian tourists visiting Cyprus. We have a long experience of offering holiday packages to Cyprus, and we believe that the destination is suitable for a wide range of preferences. For example, it is perfect for young people who want to experience an active nightlife, but also for religious people who want to visit the monasteries and churches located on the island. Cyprus is also a great choice for families thanks to its wonderful beaches, comfortable hotels and relaxing atmosphere“, said Marius Surdu.