Bucharest College of Physicians: “It is essential to recognize that there are problems regarding the financing of hospitals”

The College of Physicians of the City of Bucharest (CMMB) demands adequate funding for hospitals. CMMB members emphasized to the CNAS the need to ensure adequate funding for patients to receive quality medical care.

Cătălina Poiană, president of the College of Physicians from the Municipality of Bucharest – Photo Archive

Doctors from Bucharest and other medical centers in the country meet with patients with serious pathologies, complex cases, which require advanced medical expertise, but also adequate funds, the CMMB reports, according to Agerpres.

It is essential to recognize that there are problems with the financing of hospitals and to act to provide a fair financial allocation. (…) Insufficient funding induces as a direct consequence the lack of funds necessary for the purchase of medicines, sanitary materials, protective equipment or medical equipment, and without them the medical act cannot be carried out properly. We can understand that financial resources are limited, but please respect the allocation of resources depending on the level of assistance offered by Bucharest hospitals, as well as those in other counties where there are university medical centers, considering that these medical units are the end of the line for serious cases, a situation that is not found in the payment of the cases it has at this time CNAS“, said Cătălina Poiană, president of the College of Doctors from Bucharest, according to a press release.

Moreover, CMMB members say that the payment of medical services is “far below the actual cost value” of them and makes the big hospitals, which treat difficult cases, to be “in borderline situations” regarding the purchase of medicines and sanitary materials.

It is important to specify that the value at which it is realized settlement of medical services requires major changes. I believe that it is also my duty, as the president of the College of Physicians of the Municipality of Bucharest, to draw attention to this well-known problem. Adequate financing of hospitals requires additional funds depending on the degree of complexity of the cases and the level of medical assistance provided by each medical unit, based on real performance criteria“, added the CMMB president.

On the other hand, the College of Doctors from the Municipality of Bucharest requests the representatives of the National Health Insurance House to act “promptly and decisively” in the direction of ensuring timely payments to hospitals, but also ensuring the optimal amounts for settlement of patients' treatment through health programs.