Terrible images from Spain: Guadalupe Porras, covered in blood after an incident on the soccer field

Gigi Becali has just taken up the involvement of women in refereeing, having a disgusting tirade after the match FCSB – Botoșani, as Adevărul showed here. Seeing the narrow mindedness of the landowner, we can only imagine what comments he would make if he saw the latest news arriving from Spain.

Guadalupe Porras burst into the camera

On Sunday, in the match between Betis and Athletic Bilbao (3-1), the assistant referee, Guadalupe Porras (37 years old) left the field after 13 minutes, after being filled with blood! This one had a violent collision on the sideline with… a video camera!

The severity of the incident was so great that Porras had to be replaced by the reserve referee in order to get to the hospital, where she received medical attention.