Piedone is running for the Capital City Hall. In Sector 5 he will propose his son

Cristian Popescu Piedone announced, on Sunday evening, that he will run for the Capital City Hall, from PUSL. The mayor of Sector 5 specified that he will support the mayor of Sector 4, Daniel Băluță (PSD), for a new mandate, and in his place he will propose his son, deputy Vlad Popescu Piedone.

Piedone believes that the final for PMB will be played between him and Nicușor Dan Foto Inquam Photos

I will run for the Capital City Hall from the Humanist Power Party! And whoever wants to line up with us, to have an alliance with us, PUSL is open, as I said. I am both social and liberal! Or to convince me, but there is no place today, if I came today, conscious, not crazy, I know how many people I disturb and I have disturbed, I know how many people would drink my blood. What is the matter with that unseen world (…) I am not interested in them. What they don't have, I have”, said Cristian Popescu Piedone, on B1TV.

The mayor of Sector 5 stated that he deserves to become the general mayor of the Capital, because he has 30 years of experience in local administration.

“I have the support of the electorate, I have the support of the grass, that's where I come from. Hit the mines, hit the factories and plants, hit the working class. It was my turn and it was my biological turn, thanks to my experience in local public administration. The people of Bucharest need a doctor, but they don't need one who took the oath before Hippocrates, but one from the local administration, and cmy 30 years legislate me that I took the oath in front of the electorate, in various stages of Bucharest, councilor, general councilor, I worked in several sectors, general inspector. I took that oath before the citizens. The final is played between me and Nicușor DanPiedone said.

Cristian Popescu Piedone mentioned that the final for PMB will be played between him and the current Mayor of the Capital, Nicușor Dan.

“The Social Democratic Party, the National Liberal Party should put up a joint candidate or the possibility of entering into an alliance with the Humanist Power Party to give back to Bucharest what it didn't… I'm telling you today, the final is played between me and Nicușor Dan“, said Piedone.

According to the latest CURS poll, the mayor of Sector 5, Cristian Popescu Piedone, ranked 3rd in Romanians' preferences. Asked who they would vote with if there were local elections next Sunday, 36% of respondents ticked Nicușor Dan (USR-PMP-FD), who was followed by Gabriela Firea (PSD) with 33%, and by Cristian Popescu Piedone ( PUSL, spontaneous) by 10%.

Piedone: Baluță will be the heir to the throne at some point, at PMB

The mayor of Sector 5 said that the mayor of Sector 4, Daniel Băluță (PSD), is supported by PUSL for a new mandate at the same mayor's office, stating that his turn in the Capital has not yet come.

Daniel Băluță is a young mayor, in 2012 he entered the local administration for the first time. After two years, he becomes deputy mayor when my former deputy mayor, after a term and a half, leaves for a private job abroad. PSD told me to support him to become deputy mayor and I say the man is a dentist, what does one have to do with the other. Today, not that I am proud, on my instinct, I could choose a bunch of those councilors to become deputy mayor instead of Alex Popescu, and I said yes to Băluță. Baluță has excelled and excels in everything he does. He found a ground already seeded at sector 4 and I am proud that he continued. I cleaned, I arranged sector 4, he came and developed it. It did not take the sector from scratch. He will be the heir to the throne at some point. Today there is a PUSL-PSD alliance, in the 4th sector, we are not running for mayor, we are supporting Daniel Băluță”Piedone said.

The mayor of Sector 4, Daniel Băluță (PSD), stated, on February 1, at an event attended by PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu, that he wants to continue the projects started in that sector, after he was asked if he would to run for the Capital City Hall.

Mayor of District 5: He will run in my place, my boy

The President of the Humanist Social Liberal Party (PUSL) also stated that he will support Prefect Rareș Hopincă in the local elections for the 2nd District City Hall, and his son, PSD deputy Vlad Popescu Piedone, for the 5th District City Hall.

The same with sector 2, and I tell you with one condition, we do not put up a candidate, if it will be configured as a portrait of the candidate and shoot at the gate, it depends only on his reign and the party that represents him, an alliance is made PSD-PUSL election with candidate Rareș Hopincă, the current prefect. With other candidate entities for sector 2, Piedone comes with a candidate, as president of PUSL. And in the other sectors, surprises-surprises, charts, and brands. In sector 5, he will run in my place, and I will support with all my being the current deputy Vlad Popescu Piedone, my boy”, Piedone also said.