Bucharest residents found their cars covered in Saharan dust this morning. “It's Christmas for car washes”

The cloud of Saharan dust, about which meteorologists warned since Tuesday, crossed Europe and reached Romania. Proof? Since the early hours of the morning, several drivers were surprised to find their cars covered with a fine layer of reddish sand.

The National Meteorological Administration announced that until 1 p.m. we should expect the particles to continue to settle in areas of the south and northeast of the country.

“Between April 23 at 9:00 a.m. and April 24 at 1:00 p.m., the air circulation, predominantly south-westerly, will favor the advance from the north of Africa of an air mass loaded with dust particles of Saharan origin, towards the south-east of Europe. This air mass will be over Romania on Tuesday (April 23) and in the first part of Wednesday (April 24)”, states ANM.

After it rained last night, on Wednesday morning, cars in Bucharest were covered with a reddish layer of dust, and queues formed at some car washes.

“I went out with Happy and found the most severe case of Saharan dust I've ever seen. Everything around you speaks yellow-orange. It's Christmas for car washes.” posted user Robin Simion on his Facebook page, along with several photos showing cars covered in reddish sand.

This wave of sand also passed through Greece, where a sandstorm colored the sky in intense shades of orange on Tuesday, offering a landscape detached from Mars.