Who are Peter Senge, John Hattie, Charles Leaderbeater and Graham Brown-Martin – part of the “Dare to Learn” speakers, Europe's largest event dedicated to teachers

Peter Senge, John Hattie, Charles Leaderbeater and Graham Brown-Martin are four of the international speakers who will come to Romania in the fall, to participate in Dare to Learn – the largest educational event in Europe, which will take place in Bucharest, between October 25-26

The event will be held at Romexpo, where approximately 4,000 attendees and more than 20 global leaders in education are expected to attend.

Eight conferences and 32 training workshops / masterclasses will be organized within Dare to Learn. Topics will include strategies for developing literacy and other basic skills, for individualizing learning, and for creating equal opportunities for development. New tools, including from the AI ​​sphere, will be presented to support access to learning in any physical and virtual environment or spaces, but also to measure impact.

The event will be held in English, and participants will benefit from simultaneous translation through a mobile application. Until April 30, registration is open exclusively to staff from the pre-university and university education system in Romania, who benefit from preferential rates. Starting from May 1, registrations will also be available to the general public, access can be made on the www.d2l.ro platform.

About the global leaders in education who will hold masterclasses in Bucharest

Several international speakers will participate in conferences and masterclasses, who will share their know-how and experience in the field of education with Romanian teachers.

Among them are John Hattie, educational researcher, author, specialist in visible learning, an educational approach focused on identifying and maximizing factors that positively influence learning. Hattie has over 20 years of study involving millions of students, the largest collection of evidence-based research. His studies are the benchmark for any education expert who wants to know what actually works in schools to accelerate learning. Since March 2011, he has been Professor and Director of the Institute for Research in Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Previously, he was Professor of Educational Sciences at the University of Auckland, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the University of Western Australia.

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The list of Dare to Learn speakers continues with Peter Senge. Throughout his career, Senge tried to answer the question: “How do we create the conditions for people to work best together in an organization?” Learning Schools describes how school institutions can adapt, grow and change in the face of the increasing demands and challenges of today's society and provides practical tools, techniques and solutions for teachers and school leaders. Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management and founding president of the Society for Organizational Learning, Peter Senge is a leading figure in organizational learning, leadership development and systemic change. His classic text, The Fifth Discipline, which has sold more than two million copies worldwide, was recognized by the Financial Times as one of the five most important management books and by the Harvard Business Review as establishing the learning organization as “one of the fundamental ideas of the last 75 years”.

Graham Brown-Martin, an engaging catalyst for deep conversations and new thinking, is among the experts who will be present in Romania. In the 80s he designed mobile computing, in the 90s interactive and online entertainment networks, community-based social networks in the 2000s and a global forum for the future of learning in 2010. He takes his audience on an interactive journey that it motivates them to think differently about the past, present and future. Brown-Martin is the founder of The Catalyst Coach, a coaching and consulting firm that works with leaders and their organizations globally to achieve their goals and maintain resilience. The expert also founded Learning Without Frontiers (LWF), a global community that brings together leading educators, technologists and creatives to share challenging and stimulating ideas about the future of education. At the same time, LWF has hosted some of the most interesting and innovative conferences attended by an international community.

Another reference name, which will be present on the stage in Bucharest, at the first edition of the Dare to Learn event, is Charles Leadbeater. It works with entrepreneurs, governments, cities and foundations around the world to promote meaningful innovation. Over the past 10 years, Leadbeater has published a series of influential reports on the changes needed in education to equip students with the skills needed in a world of rapid change. In Learning from the Extremes, he explored how social entrepreneurs are using technology to create new approaches to learning in the poorest parts of the developing world. The Problem Solvers examines the skills young people need to thrive in an uncertain, creative and entrepreneurial economy where machines with artificial intelligence may be able to make many jobs disappear.

Charles Leadbeater was an adviser in Tony Blair's government on promoting the knowledge economy. He drafted the UK government's White Paper – Our Competitive Future: Building the Knowledge Economy, one of the world's first policy papers to argue that advanced economies will become increasingly dependent on innovation for growth. He went on to advise a number of governments on long-term innovation strategies. As a visiting professor at the Institute for Innovation, he advised the UK government and the European Union on how to organize innovation to meet big societal challenges. Leadbeater is the author of several internationally acclaimed books, including Living on Thin Air (which explores the rise of the knowledge economy) and We-Think: mass innovation not mass production (which examines how the web enables collaboration creative in a wide range of fields). Also, Charles Leadbeater was one of the first people in the world to write about social entrepreneurship in his 1997 report – “The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur”.

About Dare to Learn organizers

The Dare to Learn event will take place in Bucharest with the support Dare to Learn Foundational of the Romanian Literacy Association (ARL Romania)al Teach for Romania and of Finnish Teacher Training Centre.

Dare to Learn Foundation is a non-governmental organization that promotes and supports innovation in education and lifelong learning to remove any barrier to an individual's learning. Through innovative approaches and technologies, the Foundation aims to eliminate the impact of geographic constraints, socio-economic disparities, multigenerational cycles of educational failure, enabling individuals of all backgrounds and ages to engage in meaningful and effective learning experiences. In doing so, the Foundation aims to reduce school dropout and the educational gap and empower individuals to reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances.

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The Dare to Learn Foundation is the initiator of the Dare to Learn platform, through which innovative approaches in education are to be piloted, and supports the long-term development of the Dare to Learn event in Romania, where thinkers, world-class personalities, organizational leadership researchers gather and educational, trailblazers in equitable education, as well as visionaries in artificial intelligence.

Romanian Literacy Association is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to develop, promote and support educational programs and projects that lead to the improvement of educational services offered by educational institutions for children, young people and adults in Romania and abroad.

The association promotes examples of good practice, models of excellence and didactic efficiency in education, with a priority to increase the quality of the teaching-learning process in order to contribute to the formation and development of the skills necessary for the personal and social fulfillment of students in a knowledge-based society and continuous learning. Developing students' literacy skills is a priority of ARL.

Teach for Romania is a non-governmental organization that prepares future educators, teachers and model teachers and supports them in the process of transforming the educational system in Romania. The goal of the organization is to intervene in the long term in the process of reducing educational inequity and to develop social skills among students.

Teach for Romania is part of the global Teach for All network, which prepares future educators, teachers or professors who want to perform in state education, especially for students from vulnerable backgrounds. The purpose of the network is to expand access to education around the world, by increasing and accelerating the impact generated by organizations that cultivate the leadership necessary for change. Today, Teach for All is present in more than 60 countries around the world and has more than 100,000 teachers and alumni who work with children from vulnerable communities.

Finnish Teacher Training Centre is a continuous training center for teachers in pre-university education, which appeared as a result of teachers' need to always be connected to change. Its portfolio of programs and courses is modular and flexible, built both on general personal and career development skills, as well as on technical, methodological skills, specific to the teaching staff, adapted to the local system.