“Caravan with Medici”, on the road again. What consultations will he give and where

The “Caravan with Doctors”, made up of 150 volunteer doctors, specialists and residents, will set out for villages in Romania and offer free internal medicine consultations, paying special attention to children and pregnant women. The caravan will reach 35 towns this year, and the road will be covered with three cars donated by the Save the Children Organization.

The Medici caravan visits 35 localities. Photo source: archive

“For the current year, we aim to reach 35 villages and communes in our country. The project is already underway, and the caravans with the mobile units will start in April, in a village in Brăila county, then they will continue in May with a caravan intended for women's health, in Buzău county, and then a pediatric caravan, in Vrancea county”, declared Dr. Andra Postelnicu. the vice-president of the Medici Caravan. “Our goal from the beginning was to bring together a multidisciplinary team of 20-30 volunteer participants, resident doctors, medical specialists, medical students and now even nurses, to assess the health status of the populations in which we go, during a weekend”, Andra Postelnicu also said.

Caravana cu Medici was established in 2014 at the initiative of five resident doctors. At the time, they were facing two big problems, namely the difficulty of access to basic medical services among the rural population, but also the lack of medical education.