“Chemotherapy, but no hair loss?” Princess Kate makes stunning appearance at ‘Trooping the Colour’ VIDEO

Princess Kate Middleton, 42, stunned at her recent appearance at Trooping the Colour. While some netizens were impressed with her appearance, others wondered how she hasn’t lost her hair if she is undergoing chemotherapy.

Kate Middleton and King Charles, Trooping the Color appearance PHOTO: Profimedia

Kate William shone at ‘Trooping the Colour’, her first appearance since announcing she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. The princess wore an elegant suit and her hair was tied in a bun.

According to Hindustantimes, Kate Middleton’s appearance at the ‘Trooping the Colour’ is facing scrutiny. While royals have celebrated Princess Kate’s return to the public after a private time with her family at Windsor Palace, some are speculating that the woman seen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace may not be Kate at all.

Netizen: “Chemotherapy, but no hair loss?”

Some have questioned Kate’s remarkably good health despite ongoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. These people expressed disbelief that a person undergoing chemotherapy could maintain such shiny hair.

Fortunately, medical professionals confirm that not all chemotherapy treatments lead to hair loss. While some medications are well known for causing significant thinning or hair loss, others have less serious side effects.

As details of the Princess of Wales’ preventive chemotherapy have not been made public, it is possible that the specific drugs used may have minimized hair loss.

“Not all types of chemotherapy cause hair loss. Only certain types of chemotherapy lead to hair loss, because they act on rapidly multiplying cells”said Caroline Geraghgy, a nurse at Cancer Research UK, according to the Mirror.