Ciolacu: “At the moment, the PSD candidate for the Capital is Gabriela Firea. We decide if we go separately”

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said on Friday that at the moment the candidate for the position of general mayor of the Capital from the PSD is Gabriela Firea, but in the next period the social democrats will decide whether they will go to these elections separately or together with the PNL.

Gabriela Firea, PSD candidate for the Capital City Hall PHOTO

The Prime Minister was asked who will be proposed for the position of general mayor of Bucharest from the PSD side, Agerpres announces.

We established an electoral alliance. At this point the candidate for the position of general mayor it is Mrs. Gabriela Firea from PSD. Within the coalition, just as we established an alliance, we will see if we go separately in this political confrontation or go together with those from the PNL. I am firmly convinced that this will be clarified in the next period“, said Ciolacu. Marcel Ciolacu participated on Friday in the Mureş PSD County Election Conference.

Political calculations for mergers and early presidencies. Coalition targets

PSD and PNL aim to benefit from the input of local elected officials not only at the European Parliament elections, but also guide their strategy in the first round of the presidential elections. In addition, the Coalition is also preparing the political future of President Klaus Iohannis.

The government coalition tailored the calendar for the year 2024 in such a way as to suit them from the point of view of political objectives, but dressing the decision in the form of reasons related to the public interest. “We all know that the biggest voter turnout is local turnout. The local elections are of the greatest interest because the citizen chooses his first manager of the city, commune, county. The fact that we decided to merge is not against democracy. On the contrary, it is an extra vote for democracy“, stated Marcel Ciolacu. What he didn't say was that PSD and PNL have more than 85% of the mayors, which will mean a mobilization of the whole team.

Conversely, for the smaller parties it will be a problem including finding candidates in the 3,228 administrative-territorial units (ie cities, communes and county councils). But the big parties will also have the dilemma of building a list that satisfies all camps: an opening of a list for the European Parliament with an independent person and a balanced division. According to “Adevărul” information, PSD's preference is for a person like Ramona Chiriac, head of the European Commission Representation in Romania. The remaining target is a minimum of 17 seats, according to sources at the top of the Coalition, but internal calculations show that it could get up to 21 seats, depending on mobilization.