Ciolacu: “Constructive” meeting with Nehammer on security and border management, including with Hungary and the Western Balkans

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu stated that a “constructive” meeting with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer for the cooperation of the states regarding security and border management, including with Hungary and the Western Balkans.

The Chancellor of Austria talked with Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu PHOTO X / Marcel Ciolacu

“A constructive meeting with Karl Nehammer on the way forward, with a view to building stronger cooperation, especially on security and border management, including Hungary and the Western Balkans. Improving our relationships and building for the future”wrote Marcel Ciolacu, on Thursday on the network Xformerly Twitter.

The post on the former Twitter platform was republished by Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

According to some political sources, the meeting between the two leaders was originally scheduled to last about 30 minutes, but the two talked for an hour at the Victoria Palace.

Austria's chancellor defies Romania

Being in Bucharest, in the context of the PPE Congress, the Austrian Chancellor also had a meeting with President Klaus Iohannis. Looking at the negotiations for Romania's full accession to Schengen, although Nehammer seems adamant, President Iohannis stated that the two states will continue the full accession process.

In my discussion with Chancellor Karl Nehammer we agreed to continue the process of Romania's full accession to Schengen until we reach the final goal. The EU must be united, strong, prosperous and this will further strengthen EU security for the benefit of all our citizens.” President Klaus Iohannis wrote on X.

The Austrian Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, resumed at the PPE congress in Bucharest, the speech on the need to strengthen EU borders, with reference to illegal migration – the theme invoked by Austria to block Romania's accession to Schengen and land borders.

In fact, Nehammer wrote on the X network, after the meeting with President Klaus Iohannis, that “Austria's position remains clear and unchanged” and that currently “the Schengen system does not work“, therefore, “cannot be extended”.