Ciolacu makes Mircea Geoană a hypocrite: “It's something from the night of the mind”

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said on Saturday that he is firmly convinced that Mircea Geoană will run for the position of president of Romania.

Marcel Ciolacu is convinced that Mircea Geaonă will run for the presidency of Romania PHOTO: Inquam Photos

Ciolacu was asked, on Prima Tv, if he expects Mircea Geoană to run for president.

“I am firmly convinced that Mr. Geoană will run. What I can't stand, I can't stand hypocrisy and people in general realize it… I can't stand the double game of selling the truth other than it is”, said the prime minister.

He mentioned that he did not like Mircea Geoană when he said that Romania did not support him to occupy the position of Deputy Secretary General of NATO, according to Agerpres.

“Something I didn't like at all was 'sir, you know, I am a natural person at NATO'. What do you mean? At this level, do you think that President Iohannis was not spoken to? Do you think that all services in Romania and the entire Romanian state were not spoken to when someone represents them? How to get to such a position without being supported? It's something from the night of the mind. I have never heard such an approach before.” said Ciolacu.

The Prime Minister also said that he did not have a dialogue with Geoana regarding the situation in Ukraine, as would have been normal.

“We didn't have a dialogue. A few years ago we were still communicating. I expected it though, Romania is the country with the longest border with Ukraine. I still consider that his lordship is not a natural person, he is Romanian and represents Romania in this capacity. We did not have a dialogue regarding the situation on the front in Ukraine. I don't recall the Minister of Defense telling me that he had a dialogue with Mr. Geoana, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, regarding the situation in Ukraine. What is this? Do we want to be normal for once? Do we assume that we will run and we have no institutional communication?”Ciolacu added.

At the beginning of April, Mircea Geoană claimed that he won his position at NATO”per natural person”.

I won the position at NATO in my own name, as a natural person, because I am very good at what I do and because the world appreciates me, that they don't give you the job as a pittance. And by the way, I am the first from the east to occupy a leadership job at the top of NATO”said Mircea Geoană at Digi 24.