CNAS President: “Go to your family doctor in the month of your birth for a prophylactic consultation!”

Valeria Herdea, the president of the National Health Insurance Company (CNAS) asks Romanians to go to the family doctor for a prophylactic consultation.

Valeria Herdea, CNAS president – Photo Archive

Prevention is something that is missing from the behavior of Romanians. Most of the time we go to the doctor when we have a serious health problem. Valeria Herdea, the president of CNAS emphasized the importance of the prophylactic consultation with the family doctor.

If we start being proactive and careful with our health, we will probably see results that we did not expect in the following years, and I will tell you why. Very briefly, there are several preventive interventions at each stage of life, to which we have access and which are already legislated, introduced in the framework contract. They just have to be applied by both parties, that is, by the patients as well (…) Go to your family doctor in the month of your birth for a prophylactic consultation! A prophylactic consultation means that you go even without necessarily having signs of illness. You don't necessarily have to have a cold, be sick or have a rash or allergies to go to your family doctor. Go, because your family doctor is the one who knows you!“, said Valeria Herdea, on Tuesday, in a press conference organized by Save the Children, according to Agerpres.

The State of Health in the European Union 2023 report shows that Romania has the highest number of deaths from both preventable and treatable causes in the EU. Moreover, the life expectancy of Romanians is the third lowest among the member states.

The president of CNAS highlighted the importance of making the population aware of what the risk of disease means.

Educating our children, so that they proactively go to the doctor, is another step we can take to prevent minor pregnancies, to prevent problematic tasks. A pregnant woman needs social protection, she needs to be able to report to her workplace on time, she needs to know and be followed up monthly by her family doctor (…) The relationship with the gynecologist, the obstetrician who follows her is , likewise, essential“, added Valeria Herdea.