Compagno's message on the FCSB footballers Whatsapp group after his grandfather accused them of 'working him'

Andrea Compagno agreed with Tianjin Tiger and left FCSB after boss Gigi Becali told him he no longer had a place in his team. The footballer signed an advantageous contract in China, where he will be paid with a salary 4 times higher than the one in Romania, an opportunity for his grandfather to declare that the Italian was “worked” by his teammates.

Andrea Compagno left FCSB for China. Sportpictures photo

Andrea Compagno was FCSB's top scorer in his first season with the red-blue team, when he scored 21 goals. But, in the new edition, he no longer had good numbers and Gigi Becali no longer wanted him in the team. “It was immediately seen in the first matches that, with Andrea on the field, his teammates, in quotes, did not serve him. It was premeditated by some players against Andrea and the rest was done by the boss to destroy the player.” Salvo Armato, the footballer's grandfather, told Fanatik yesterday.

Now, the Italian has said goodbye to his teammates, via a message sent on the FCSB footballers Whatsapp group. The manager Mihai Stoica revealed that this was normal and common sense, without any reproach to his teammates: “Andrea Compagno said goodbye. Right now he wrote on the group. He said goodbye to his colleagues, former colleagues.

He's going to China, to Tiger. I think the former Teda. The financial aspect mattered. I don't know the contract, but I think it is much more than what he was offered in Europe. He probably made his life if he will collect the money he should receive. He left with this money because Gigi didn't want to use his services anymore. He wanted something else…”, said Mihai Stoica at Orange Sport.

The Chinese are waiting for him in the camp

And the Chinese press wrote about the transfer of Andrea Compagno to Tianjin Tiger: “Yu Genwei (ed. – Tianjin Tiger coach) was looking for a center forward in this transfer window but missed out on several players. Tianjin Tiger's first choice was Aziz, who was third in the list of top scorers last season. Failing to reach an agreement with Wuhan Three Towns, Tianjin Tiger was forced to withdraw, but found a backup plan. According to reporter Gu Ying, the team's new foreign striker is the Italian Compagno. Everything is set and the new foreign striker will be in Tianjin. He will perform the second part of the winter training camp together with the team”.

Falling out of favor with boss Gigi Becali, the Italian was sold for 120,000 euros, although he had been bought by FCSB from Craiova to Mititelu for 1.5 million euros, a year and a half ago.