The family doctors call on CNAS to urgently solve the serious problems of the computer system, which is more blocked

The College of Doctors from the City of Bucharest appeals to the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) to quickly solve the dysfunctions in the SIUI system, because it disrupts the activity in all medical sectors.

The doctors ask the CNAS to solve the problems in the Single Integrated Information System PHOTO: Archive

“We know that the new president of the National Health Insurance House was appointed a short time ago, but we are launching this call, especially considering that the current president of CNAS, Mrs. Dr. Valeria Herdea, is a family doctor, so she understands the better the problems faced by his colleagues. We ask the president of the CNAS to take concrete actions to resolve the situation and, possibly, to make a communication from the House to the medical community in relation to the SIUI issue and the possible solutions in the short, medium and long term to improve the medical activity in the context of the SIUI system”, transmitted prof. univ. dr. Cătălina Poiană, president of the College of Physicians from the Municipality of Bucharest.

Physician representatives say they understand that fixing this system cannot be done “overnight,” but it is important to identify solutions to ensure the continued operation of the system through proper maintenance activity.

“At the same time, it is necessary to establish a clear deadline for the implementation of a new version of this system, which will be made available to the medical community and which will meet its needs”emphasizes Dr. Cătălina Poiană.

“I have read about doctors trying to use the system, validating data in their spare time, often during the evening or night, when interactions in the system are less. This approach demonstrates their dedication to patients, to the medical act and highlights the need for an immediate solution to the problems they face”stated the president of the College of Doctors from the Municipality of Bucharest.

In a previous message, Dr. Cătălina Poiană, president of the College of Doctors from the Municipality of Bucharest, appealed to the authorities to identify as quickly as possible solutions for unblocking positions and organizing competitions according to legal procedures.

“We are facing a paradox. We are in great need of doctors, there are vacant positions in hospitals, we also have the doctors, at least from the perspective of those who have completed their residency, but employment is blocked. Young doctors want to stay in the country and will opt for jobs in medical facilities where they can perform” declared university prof. Dr. Cătălina Poiană.