CTP, acid post about the disaster in Romania. “It is terrible to see how corruption kills, but what can you say when the law kills?”

Journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu analyzes the situation in Romania in a post on Facebook, entitled “Justice kills”, and believes that the country is led by an incompetent and corrupt political and governmental class.

Cristian Tudor Popescu, outraged by the judiciary in Romania PHOTO Adevărul archive

He also says that in Romania we are dealing with an unjust justice system and claims that “the law kills”, and citizens must mobilize to change this.

CTP highlighted the problems of corruption and injustice of the governmental, political and legal system and finally raises a question about the viability of the Romanian state.

The head of the Army wants general military training, in view of a war with Russia. That is, the return to Ceaușescu's “army of the whole people”. The most frequent answer of those asked if they want to train to fight on the front for Romania is: “Let NATO defend us. I have nothing to defend»“, writes the journalist.

He continues ironically: “Be that as it may, what do these defeatists, future deserters, claim? I say no, because there are some things to defend, through patriotic bravery, in this country“.

Next, Cristian Tudor Popescu lists several “things to defend” in Romania.

And it starts with the first vice-president of PNL, Iulian Dumitrescu, the one who “goes with a Lamborghini, his wife with a Bentleyor vice versa, and break 600,000 euros from your pocket money on vacations through superluxury resorts on the world map“.

Then comes the president Klaus Iohannis who must “appear” because “we are not allowed to know how much he spends from the state budget stretched to breaking point, doing presidential tourism, together with his consort, on private jets for millionaires in whatever countries his little heart desires“.

“What can you say when the law kills?”

Another topic that the journalist says is “worth defending” is the one regarding the Romanian judiciary that decided that “the policeman who, speeding, killed a child on the crosswalk, will not serve a single day in prison. It's terrible to see how corruption kills, in Crevedia, on the farm of the Dacians, but what can you say when the law kills?“.

Even the archbishop of Tomis, ÎPS Teodosie, does not escape the edge of CTP, being listed among those “to defend” because nothing will happen after “he received a bribe” which he said it was “heavenly hand”.

Another person worth defending, says Cristian Tudor Popescu, is Ion Iliescu, left “unpunished for the crimes of December `89 and June `90“.

CTP does not forget the billion euros thrown by the Romanian government “on vaccines that had no chance of ever being used.” The lawsuits that Romania has with Pfizer and the Canadians are also listed.gold miners” from Roșia Montană and which he believes the Romanian state will lose.

The revolutionary prime minister and the abolition of democracy in Romania

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu is also caught in the crosshairs, about whom CTP says that “he became revolutionary in `89 based on his own statements, one of which was falsified“, deed for which “none of the prime ministers, ministers, doctor generals in plagiarism had pain even in pen“.

Cristian Tudor Popescu also notes that the PSD-PNL alliance “abolish democracy, elections and voters“, through the negotiations for the election of the president of Romania, while a quarter of Romanians vote for pro-Russia, AUR and Șoșoacă parties.

These are just the latest. Complete the list yourself, going back to 1989. And, as a consequence, I think it would be necessary, for clarification, a referendum with the question: Is Romania worth continuing to exist?”, CTP finally asks.