CTP, attack on ÎPS Teodosie: “I would have expected, rather, that they would prohibit women from epilating their pubic hair”

Cristian Tudor Popescu harshly criticizes ÎPS Teodosie, the Archbishop of Tomis, for the post imposed on the faithful. The journalist says that prayer and fasting “they cannot be used administratively, to satisfy the sin of Pride, of which Ipîs is full to the eyeballs”.

Cristian Tudor Popescu harshly criticizes ÎPS Teodosie PHOTO Adevărul

In a post on his social media page, the journalist talks about the post circular of ÎPS Teodosie, but also about the fact that men must wear beards, as announced by the prelate. More than that, Popescu specifies that the Archbishop of Tomis commits a serious sin.

“Teodosius issued a circular, as if from the party county, that all his believers must pray and fast during sweet week, so that he would be made metropolitan by the Holy Synod, because the archbishopric no longer fits him pigtail. Leaving aside the other reasons why he is being judged today by the Holy Synod, this blasphemy would be enough to get him kicked out of the BOR. Prayer and fasting are inextricably linked to the Christian faith. I belong to Jesus Christ. They cannot be used administratively, to satisfy the sin of Pride, of which Ipîs is filled to the brim. Everyone will believe parishioners will it be stronger and hotter in Jesus if they will be metropolitans instead of archbishops? Not enough of them.

Theodosius' command also means another grave sin. That of Simony: traffic in things considered by the Church as spiritual goods, traffic in holy objects, or ecclesiastical functions. It is punishable by excommunication, excommunication. The last roar: Theodosius forces men to grow their beards, that is, to be like the Savior. But Jesus had long hair, as all the icons and paintings show. Why doesn't Ipîs ask us to let our hair down? Besides, I'm surprised she's into men. I would have expected, rather, that they would ban women from pubic hair removal.” writes the journalist.

IPS Teodosie: “Men without beards are rude. Beard belongs to manhood”

The Archbishop of Tomis, His Holiness Theodosius, believes that men must wear a beard, saying that it belongs to manhood.

The Archbishop of Tomis was asked on Tuesday evening, on Radio Dobrogea, why the servants of the Orthodox Church wear beards. “That's natural. Beards are left for men. There are also exceptions, white people who don't grow beards and some of them who would like to have one are sad. The man must have a beard. Beardless men are crazy. Every man should wear a beard, even more so the servants of the Orthodox Church”IPS Teodosie said.

From the point of view of the Tomis hierarch, men must have the face of Christ, who wore a beard. “The apostles and all the fathers of our Church also wore them. The beard is a natural element, which belongs to manhood, and all the more so the servants must wear this adornment left by God”. declared the Archbishop of Tomis.