Damian Drăghici and Smiley released the song “Stolen the bride”. How to “recover” VIDEO

Damian & Brothers and Smiley released the track “The bride was stolen”a “plot based on musical notes” that resolves through dance and good cheer the hottest chapter of Romanian weddings: the theft of the bride, but especially her recovery by the godfather or groom, informs a press release from Hahaha Production, sent to Agerpres on Tuesday.

“”Stolen the bride” is the song that I see as ideal for any party. Eight years ago, I released with my band Damian & Brothers, together with Smiley, the song “At the station at Lizeanu”, which broke every chart in Romania. And come on, we have prepared a new super hit, which will lift the charts and people from their seats. The young lady's story had to turn into one of the bride. Relationships evolve, but here the bride is stolen, she doesn't leave. Who finds it first between me and Smiley? We see in the clip“, stated Damian Drăghici, quoted in the press release.

Piece “The bride was stolen”, a co-production of HaHaHa Production and We Are Family Records, has the music signed by Andrei Tiberiu Maria (Smiley), Damian Draghici, Şerban Cazan and Petru Alexandru Stancu, the lyrics written by Andrei Tiberiu Maria and Petru Alexandru Stancu. The production is made by Şerban Cazan and Damian Drăghici.

“Any meeting with Damian Drăghici ends up being a party, an extremely creative and contagiously cheerful celebration, whether it's at the station in Lizeanu or in a wedding tent. Damian is a great artist, whom I appreciate enormously, and making music together is always a crazy joy. We compose, we sing, we dance together, we even steal a bride, but what pleases me the most is that we get to welcome everyone who hears use,” Smiley said of the new track.