Dan Bittman confirms he has a girlfriend. Why did he rule out a reconciliation with the mother of his children | VIDEO

Invited in the podcast made by Teo Trandafir, Dan Bittman confirmed that he has a girlfriend, confessing that there is no chance of reconciliation with the mother of his three children, Libertatea pentru femei writes.

Dan Bittman. PHOTO Facebook Dan Bittman

Dan Bittman and Liliana Ștefan have been separated since 2017, after a long relationship, during which they had three children. The artist excludes the possibility of reconciliation.

“I don't think it's possible, no, not because of my fault or that there is any fault. We each enjoy children, sometimes with me, sometimes with her, but no, we don't communicate anymore. We communicated for a while only by email, that was the last communication, very official and not”, confessed Dan Bittman, in the podcast made by Teo Trandafir.

“It's not what it says”

Incidentally, Dan Bittman (60 years old) already has a new relationship. The artist let it be understood that he would not be a person from the showbiz area, thus excluding the hypothesis circulated regarding a relationship with Denise Rifai.

“It exists, it is found, it is, it appears. It's ok, I'm in a pretty quiet phase of life, it's fine the way it is. It's not what it says, you know, it's not someone from our area, but it's ok, I feel good. It depends a lot on how you got used to it, in this job you run all over the world, the country and someone has to understand this thing too, if possible. That's why I say, we have a life.. for a while it works, but after… We are in the test“, said the soloist.

Also last year, Dan Bittman revealed that, for him, marriage was never a priority, although he had a 25-year relationship with Liliana Ștefan, the mother of his three boys. The singer confessed to Antena Stars that he was one step away from getting married, but then he realized that it was not a good decision.

Dan Bittman believes that things change in a relationship after two people sign the marriage papers. The artist said that the song “I gave you a ring” is inspired by the moment when he wanted to take the big step.