Deputy mayor passed from PNL to PSD: “I also passed to the right. On the left, excuse me. I was used to the right”

PSD Timiș announced on Saturday, February 24, 2024, that it has recruited eight mayors and eight vice mayors from other parties. Among those recruited by the PSD is the deputy mayor of Gottlob, who, accustomed to right-wing politics, confused the left with the right.

PSD Timiș announced mass withdrawals from other parties PHOTO PSD Timiș

PSD Timiș President, Alfred Simonis, announced on Saturday, February 24, 2024, that he managed to collect several mayors and vice-mayors from PNL, USR, PMP and the Republican Party.

Thus, after on Friday, February 23, 2024, he announced that he had recruited the mayors of Deta and Şandra, on Saturday, February 24, 2024, Simonis announced that they will run for the next elections on behalf of the PSD, the mayors of Tomești (PNL), Liebling (PNL ), Dudești Vechi (PNL), Checea (PNL), Uivar (PMP), Foeni (USR), Variaș (Pro Romania) and Cenei (Republican Party).

Among those who will run for mayor from the PSD is the PNL vice-mayor from Gottlob, Cristian Cerba.

In the press conference where the transition from PSD to PNL was presented, Cerba confused the left with the right.

“I am in my fourth term as deputy mayor. I also made the decision to pass on the right side (no it is whispered that he passed on the left). On the left side, excuse me. I was used to the right… I think I can do something for my town, where there have been more problems in recent years. I hope by moving to the left we can improve things. I support the PSD and I am running for a mayoral mandate from the PSD”said Cristan Cerba.

The moment of confusion of PNL vice-mayor Cristian Cerba can be watched from 9:50 a.m.

The vice mayor of USR from Jamu Mare, Lucian Ababei, who also switched to PSD, explained the reasons why he switched from the party that considers USR the biggest evil to PSD.

“In 2020, we built in Jamu Mare the largest USR branch in the countryside in Romania. Apparently that wasn't enough to get our attention. I chose to run for the PSD in the June 9 elections. Why do they do this? The only call that was answered was Mr. President Alfred Siminis. Although the phones have been ringing for the past few days, I am telling everyone that I have not changed my number in the last three and a half years and no one has called me. I wasn't even answered to the problems I had in the commune”declared Lucian Ababei.

Among those who switched to PSD is the USR mayor of Foeni, Saveta Moldovan. “Foeniul is not a large commune, but it has been forgotten by the world. Thanks to Mr. President I was able to get a lot of funds and I was able to do as many projects as possible. That's why I'm here today to say “YES”. I personally appealed to my colleagues who were never available to me, including Mr. President (no Dominic Fritz)including the deputy mayor of Timisoara (no. Ruben Lațcau). So this week I decided not to answer either. I decided that”said Saveta Moldovan, whose story USR Timiș said is “the story of an entire generation of Romanians”.

Also on Saturday, December 24, 2024, PSD Timiș president announced that the entire organization of PNL Găvojdia, led by the Danish mayor Toma Stoica, switched to PSD, and the liberal mayor will run in the next elections under the PSD logo.