How the judiciary treated a case of extreme verbal violence. The victim recorded everything

A man from Constanța county, tried for threatening his ex-wife, including with death, was sentenced to pay a criminal fine of 7,200 lei, but the application of the sanction was postponed. The decision, which is not final, allows the man to remain with a clean record.

The man addressed harsh threats to his ex-wife PHOTO Pexels (generic photo)

A woman who divorced her husband but stayed in the same house with him for the sake of their three children filed a complaint with the Police because she was subjected to extreme verbal abuse. The man from Constanța went so far as to tell the woman that if there was a law that did not punish him, he would kill her.

“One day, when I get rid of all this, you'll see! I'm going to break your stupid stubbornness that you are… damned piece of shit. Do you think you can get away with it? I'm going to go to prison, but you don't stay.”; “If there was a law, I would crush you, me! I would crush you! I would step on your feet! I would bang your head against the walls until you had no face left! (…) If there was a law that I should not suffer anything, I would beat you to death!”; “I'm obsessed with killing you, turning you into cabbage!” – shere are some of the threats the woman was subjected to, all recorded.

In court, the man charged with the threat admitted the charges but put his behavior down to his temper and provocation.

The man revealed that he and the woman got married in 2010 and had three children together. He also showed that, starting in 2019, differences arose between him and his wife because the woman “she avoided him and threatened him with divorce at every discussion”. Thus, they mutually decided to divorce, which happened in April 2022.

The native also said that he and his ex-wife “they decided to continue to stay together in the family home, for the good growth and education of the three children”.

The man said that as of 2019, his wife had “an inappropriate behavior towards him, in the sense that she frequently threatened to take his children and throw him out of the house, gestured unnaturally close to his face, which led him to think that she was provoking him, as he has impulsive behavior”.

He also defended himself by saying that he and the woman offended each other, but “he never resorted to physical manifestations, only verbal”.

The Constanța Court sentenced the man tried for threat to a criminal fine of 7,200 lei, ordering the postponement of the punishment. This means that the man does not have to pay the fine, and his record remains clean, but if he commits other acts, this punishment is also applied to him.

At the same time, the Constanța Court forced the man to pay moral damages of 5,000 lei to his ex-wife.

“The court considers that the defendant made threats to the injured person twice in the same month, and then justified that the threats were made out of jealousy, being provoked by the behavior of the injured person. The court notes that the defendant has three minor children to support and acquires legitimate income from the profession of sales consultant. For these reasons, taking into account that the defendant is integrated into society and has three minor children to support, the court considers that a punishment with a criminal fine, the application of which will be postponed, is able to ensure the social recovery of the defendant”it is stated in the sentence of the Constanța Court, which is not final.