Romania's women's fencing team, ranked 5th at the European Cadets

The Romanian female fencing team placed 5th, on Saturday, at the European Fencing Championships for cadets in Naples, writes Agerpres.

Women's fencing team PHOTO: Romanian Fencing Federation/Facebook

Romania (Amalia Covaliu, Anastasia Fusea, Adriana Maria Geatara, Raisa Apostu) defeated Greece in the round of 16, 45-26, but lost the quarterfinal match against Italy, 41-45.

In the tournament for positions 5-8, the Romanians won both games, 45-41 against Great Britain and 45-44 against Spain. Italy won the gold medals, after 45-40 in the final against Hungary.

In the women's team foil event, Romania (Karina Liţă, Ioana Barbu, Alexandra Adoch) ranked 12th. In the round of 16, the Romanian women lost to Slovakia, 33-41.

In the tournament for positions 9-16, Romania started with a victory, 45-37 against Spain, but then lost to France, 38-45. The Netherlands defeated Romania 45-44 in the match for the 11th-12th places.

Poland won the gold medals, after 45-43 with Italy, in the final.

At the 2023 Cadet European Championships in Tallinn, Romania won one gold, three silver and one bronze medal in cadets: Romania's women's saber team won the gold medals, the men's saber team won the silver, Casian Cîdu won the silver medal in the saber event, Amalia Covaliu won the silver in the saber, and Anastasia Fusea won the bronze in the saber.