Destinations sought by Romanians in the middle of winter. “We just got back, but we forgot about the tickets to go again”

The winter season is not to the liking of many Romanians, and those who can afford to take at least a week off during this period and have money can escape the cold, and even enjoy beautiful beaches and swim in the sea.

In Tenerife, tourists can swim among dolphins. PHOTO by Pixabay

Romanians who are tired of the cold and can take a vacation during this period can escape the gloomy weather and the gray sky typical of winter. This is also the case of a Romanian, a member of the Facebook group Vacanțe do it yourself, who asked his forum colleagues for advice on where he could spend 10 nights, at the beginning of February, somewhere where he could enjoy the beach.

“A minimum 10 night holiday after February 5th in a destination where we can sunbathe and have some activities to keep us busy the whole time? For two people“, was his post, under the cover of anonymity.

The man immediately got a lot of ideas. “Asia, February 10 is Chinese New Year“, someone told him. “Zanzibar, Maldives, Dominican Republic”, was another suggestion. “Australia, Gold Coast” and
“Oman” there were other tips.

Tenerife, land of dreams

Others came up with recommendations a little closer to home. “Canary Islands”was a short comment. “Egypt“, “Dubai”,
“Tenerife and Ibiza”, there were other short messages. “Ibiza in February doesn't seem right to me… the other Canary Islands, yes, but the season is not good for the Balearics”, someone else intervened. “Tenerife“, “South Tenerife” and “Grand Canaria”, were other short messages.

I think the destination also depends on your budget. You have already suggested Dubai, Oman, Zanzibar, Dominican, but I would suggest Thailand (the flight is not excessive, the accommodation and food are very cheap, and you have plenty of activities), Sri Lanka ( prices like in Thailand) and something more peppery, but wonderful, Seychelles”said a lady.

Tenerife… I was 11 days ago in January“, someone insisted. “Tenerife. We just got back from there and we already forgot about the tickets to go one more time, because we didn't have enough time for all there is to do there“, pointed out a lady.