Diana Șoșoacă, invited by Ciolacu to consultations on the date of the presidential elections

The president of SOS Romania, Diana Șoșoacă, was invited to the Victoria Palace to take part in the consultations on the date of the presidential elections. The invitation was made even by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, who did not invite PNL president Nicolae Ciucă. The reason? The leader of the Social Democrats already knows where the Liberals stand on this matter.

Sosoacă was invited to the consultations on the presidential elections on Monday. Photo: Archive

The Prime Minister announced on Friday that he will call the leaders of the political formations for consultations regarding the date of the presidential elections.

This announcement comes against the background of disagreements between the members of the PSD-PNL coalition regarding the election calendar and the exchange of statements in recent days between the two formations, which are unable to agree on an unbiased version for the most important round of elections in This year.

Just before the Government meeting, Marcel Ciolacu spoke with the Liberal Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Cătălin Predoiu, who should have signed the Government Decision regarding the date of the elections.

Marcel Ciolacu would have conveyed to Predoiu that he is aware that he must comply with the formation’s decision, after the social democrats gave him an ultimatum, according to the information of Antena 3 CNN.

Later, the president of the Social Democratic Party allegedly told the liberal deputy prime minister that he was not reshuffled precisely out of a desire to avoid a political crisis and that he would invite the formations to consultations.

Discussions on the election date are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. They will also be led by Marcel Ciolacu, Cătălin Predoiu and the Secretary General of the Government Marian Neacșu.

Following the consultations, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă will speak in the Coalition about the date on which the presidential elections will be held.

In accordance with the calendar agreed by Ciolacu with the leaders of the formations, the discussions on this topic will start on Monday, at 10.00, with the new president of USR, Elena Lasconi. After her, at 11 o’clock, the leader of the national minorities, Varujan Pambuccian, will appear at the Government, and the president of the UDMR, Kelmen Hunor, is expected from 2 o’clock.

Senator Diana Sosoacă will present herself at 3 p.m.

The president of the Right Force, Ludovic Orban, will say “present” to the Government on Tuesday. So far, AUR leader George Simion has not said whether or not he will take part in the consultations.