The dream tourist destination where Romanians are greeted with prices unchanged from before the pandemic. “In Mamaia I used to spend that much in one day”

Prices have increased enormously in the last 4-5 years in Romania and in other countries, and the offers of travel agencies are in many cases even twice as expensive as in 2019, the year before the pandemic. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

Cyprus has become a popular destination among Romanians. PHOTO: Pixabay

More and more Romanians are complaining about the fact that prices have increased enormously not only in Romania but also in countries like Greece and Turkey, so that they are forced in some cases to pay double what they paid a few years ago on vacation. However, there are some exceptions, and one of them is Cyprus.

On a Facebook group for tourists, a young woman related the unexpected experience she had in Cyprus while on vacation.

“When I first saw the offer I thought it was a special occasion and I rushed to pay everything. I then saw, even after several months, that the prices are the same, that is, very low compared to what we have here or the Greeks. I was also in Cyprus in 2019 and nothing has changed. I thought that prices had risen in restaurants and shops, but no word, Look, it can be like that”the young woman wrote.

The paradise of low prices

“I also went to Cyprus last year. With the money spent in a week I would have stayed with us for a day or two. I was really thinking that in Mamaia I spent so much in one day“, another netizen added.

“A hearty meal – 12 euros. And I mean hearty meal, not a watery soup and not an invisible piece of meat. Keep coming here, the prices are a dream“, wrote another.

Yes, but I wouldn’t give Greece over Cyprus. Greece is more selective“, was another opinion. “More select for whom? For you? Go to Greece, no one is stopping you“, someone contradicted him. “I was in Greece this year, the prices are high, a lot of dirt and bad atmosphere. This in Thassos. Some people like it, very well“, another internet user wrote.

It is not the first case in which Romanians praise Cyprus. Recently, “Adevărul” recalled the case of a lady who explained that a sunbed costs only 2.50 euros compared to 25, as it would be in some beaches in Romania. She posted on the Facebook group Vacations under 500 euros: “Sunbed price in Cyprus – Paphos.” The few words are accompanied by photos that speak for themselves about the low prices in Cyprus. For example, on Alykes beach, a sunbed costs 2.50 euros, as does an umbrella. The prices are significantly lower and, I assure Internet users, they are valid for the whole season. Besides, the prices would be unchanged for 10 years, some say.

The post was received with interest by internet users, who noticed the difference compared to the prices on the Romanian coast. “Are these prices also in season or just off season?”, someone asked.

“Only we practice japca”

“Always“, a lady answered, and someone else intervened: “I think they have been the same for about 10 years.” And it was immediately completed by another netizen, who proved him right. “You are right! Six years ago, the prices were the same and it was in full season… I went to the beach in all the cities and there was no difference in money… Only here is the japca practiced. 10 euros a sunbed.” “They are always the same everywhere”another person added.

“They are government regulated prices all year round! Tourists are even encouraged to advertise possible higher prices, but I have not heard of this being the case. I have been to the east of Cyprus and the west and everywhere the same prices! I went to the beach in the picture last year on July 20, full season!“, someone else explained.