Dorinel Munteanu, incredible gesture at the Romanian Cup final: he abandoned his team, simply

Dorinel Munteanu (55 years old) was a formidable footballer, and as a coach he wrote history on the Steel bench. It is enough to mention the title won in 2011 and the return of the team to the first echelon, plus the final of the Romanian Cup now, the first for the formation near the Danube after 20 years. “Munti's” record also includes the Romanian Supercup trophy, also won with Oțelul, in 2011.

Dorinel Munteanu. PHOTO: Facebook

Although he has seen everything in football, and as a coach he sat on the Oțelu bench, including in games from the Champions League groups, the 55-year-old technician gave in under the pressure of the penalty kicks, on Wednesday, during the final with Corvinul!

From the beginning, “Munti” did not have the strength to watch Cisotti's execution, a successful one. Then, on the second execution of his students, the coach simply covered his head with his hands on the bench. And Gaitan missed! It was already too much for Dorinel Munteanu. Before Lameira missed the third penalty for Oțelul, the coach left the bench, shaking his head! He came back later, when he had also missed Snowflake for Steel. But in vain! The return of “Munti” did not prevent the defeat of the Galatians, after the execution of the penalty kicks, and the trophy of the Romanian Cup went to the showcase of those from Corvinul.