Survivor All Stars 2024. Zanni and TJ Miles have become opponents, and the fight to stay in the competition is getting tougher

In episode 53, former Famous Zanni and TJ Miles managed to establish themselves in the battle for the role of captains and became opponents in the game for the reward. The score was close, but the victory went to Zanni and his team, according to ProTV.

Survivor Romania PHOTO: Facebook/survivorromania.oficial

Zanni and TJ Miles were friends and allies at “Survivor All Stars”, but now they are opponents. The two ex-Famous turned captains made two teams that they battled in the bounty game that Zanni and his.

After considering their selection, each made their team as they thought was most effective, and the result was a great show for the audience behind the screens.

Zanni had Iancu, Ștefania and Sorin close, while TJ teamed up with Robert and Andrei, and the final score was a close one, which marked the victory for the Exile returnee and all his.

After tough duels, the final battle was between Zanni and TJ Miles. The relationship of the two former Faimosi deteriorated, and Zanni's return to the competition, after being eliminated in a duel by TJ and sent to Exile, was not exactly a cause for joy for some competitors.

The fight to stay in the competition is getting tougher. Tonight, immunity was won by TJ Miles, who proved to be an extremely strong competitor.