Dr. Vlad Ciurea, about the moments when the brain freezes and fear sets in: “We must not enter this state”

The renowned neurosurgeon Vlad Ciurea revealed how the moments occur when the brain gets blocked and what we must do to stop being afraid of the doctor. “If you go into fear, panic, all brain processes are blocked”claims Dr. Vlad Ciurea.

Prof. Dr. Vlad Ciurea says what habit does a lot of harm to the brain PHOTO The truth

In the Health Advice show, from Antena 3 CNN, Dr. Vlad Ciurea stated that the doctor-patient relationship is a very important one, both as a disease prevention measure and for the moments when we have a diagnosis and don't know where to go let's start

“When we found out a formulated diagnosis, first of all we have to talk to a specialist in that disease. There are hospitals, there are specialists, there are academics and we need to find an experienced person. We can find out what knowledge that doctor has behind him, what preparations he has made in this field, and that doctor must first of all have the necessary time. A doctor who is in a hurry cannot save a life, cannot give correct information”, said neurosurgeon Vlad Ciurea, at Antena 3 CNN.

Dr. Vlad Ciurea: The patient must be allowed to speak

The doctor also stated that “medicine is not done by the clock”and “the relationship between doctor and patient is very important”.

“Medicine is not done by the clock, you cannot set the clock to ring after 20 minutes. Indeed, if you have a patient that you know very well and he came for a check-up, he has a medical history behind him, yes, let's say the consultation may take 20 minutes. But a patient who walks in the door for the first time can stay for an hour, because he still has something to say. The message is very simple: let the man talk, talk as much as possible, tell what he remembers. So this is the real medicine. The world is overloaded (…). The relationship between doctor and patient is very important. The patient must be allowed to speak, to provide the data himself, and that story, anamnesis, as we doctors call it, is very important. Practically 50% of the diagnosis is formulated from the patient's words”, said university prof. Dr. Vlad Ciurea.

According to the cited source, the doctor pointed out that when we are afraid and anxious, our brain seems to shut down.

Anxiety blocks everything. One of the heavy elements of the brain is this fear. If you go into fear, panic, all brain processes are blocked. We must not enter into this fear,” concluded the renowned neurosurgeon.