eCall, the system that can save lives. Firefighters, thus called to accidents. As a rule, he cannot communicate with the drivers

The eCall systems installed on cars involved in accidents are effective. The Arad firefighters were thus called, in the last week, to two road incidents.

In some cases nothing can be done for the PHOTO DRDP driver

Unfortunately, in one of the cases, the driver died on the spot. The first call via eCall came from a car that crashed into the marginal parapet, on the A1, in the area of ​​Nădlac. The eCall system automatically made the call to 112, which was taken over by the ISU and the Police.

Although unable to speak to the driver of the car, dispatchers located the car and dispatched an extrication vehicle and two SMURD ambulances, one of which was a Mobile Intensive Care Unit.

The only problem was that, since it was a highway, I could not identify from the very beginning the direction of travel in which the accident occurred. In support came those from SVSU Nădlac, who did the reconnaissance on the spot, until the intervention forces of the Arad Detachment arrived. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the person in the car.” said Ruxandra Klein, spokesperson of ISU Arad.

The second call made by eCall following a strong collision between two cars was on a street in the municipality of Arad. Even in this case the driver could not be contacted. Arriving at the scene of the accident, using the GPS coordinates, the intervention forces found that the drivers did not require medical attention. They got out of their cars immediately after the impact and were unaware of the 112 call.

What is eCall?

eCall is a system installed in vehicles in all European Union countries that automatically makes a free call to the emergency number 112 if the vehicle is involved in a serious road accident.

All new car models approved for manufacture after 31 March 2018 include the 112-based eCall system.

When activated, the eCall system connects to the nearest emergency response center using a phone and a data link. Thus, the emergency services receive the GPS coordinates of the car and can intervene in real time.

In 2023, SMURD crews from the county were requested in 11,674 situations, of which 10,945 requests (94%) were for the provision of emergency medical assistance. There were 408 requests for road accidents.