Elena Lasconi will submit her candidacy for the presidential elections: “I will win”

The new president of USR, Elena Lasconi, announced on Wednesday that she will submit her candidacy for this year’s presidential elections. The mayor of Câmpulung Muscel believes that if she is voted to reach the second round of the autumn elections, she will win the Cotroceni seat.

Elena Lasconi: I don’t trust polls Photo: Inquam Photos Octav Ganea

Yes, I will submit my candidacy, because on Saturday we will have a congress and democracy works in the USR and we will probably have more candidates who want to become the USR candidate for the supreme office in the state. And I will submit this application for Saturday“, said Lasconi, after the announcement of the results of the internal elections in the USR.

Asked if she will reach the second round of the presidential elections, in case she is designated as the USR candidate for the supreme office in the state, Lasconi said: “Yes. Categorical. And I will win. It doesn’t matter with whom, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care who is second. I care about what I really want. I don’t trust polls. In 2020, when I ran, they put me in fourth place and I won with 57%, and then it was a historic score, now, almost 70%. As we did in the elections for the USR president“, Elena Lasconi also said, according to Agerpres.

Lasconi announced in a message sent to his party colleagues, more than a week ago, that he will assume his candidacy in the presidential elections.

I know that we can become a team and thus I assume my candidacy for the presidential elections (…) I am not alone, as they say. I have with me many colleagues who have brought honor to our party through their work and results. (…) Dear colleagues from USR (…) come with me and my team to rebuild“, Elena Lasconi told her colleagues.

Elena Lasconi, the mayor of Câmpulung Muscel municipality, won, on Wednesday, the internal competition for the position of president of the Save Romania Union, with a detached score of 7701 of the votes (68.14%), in front of the three counter-candidates.

The candidates with whom he fought for the USR presidency obtained: Filip Vasile-Gabriel, who works in the USR Constanța branch – 310 votes; Hossu Radu-Mihai member of USR Brașov – 1471 votes and Seidler Cristian-Gabriel, deputy of Bucharest and vice-president of the Committee for Labor and Social Protection in the Chamber of Deputies, who works in the branch of USR Sector 5 – 1873 votes.