FC Voluntari, in its first victory from the Superleague play-out, 1-0 against FC Hermannstadt

FC Voluntari defeated FC Hermannstadt with a score of 1-0 (0-0) on Friday, at home, in a match of the second stage of the play-out phase of the Superliga football.

FC volunteers

The victory of the Ilfovens, the first after a negative series of 12 matches (four draws and eight failures), was brought by George Merloi (70 – penalty), after a handball committed in the box by Mihai Butean, writes Agerpres.

The greatest opportunity of the Sibiu was Silviu Balaure's goal (57).

The hosts also missed through Andrei Dumiter (9) and Doru Andrei (48), while the Sibiians also missed the goal in the min. 12 (Cristian Neguţ), 13 (Daniel Paraschiv) and 88 (Gabriel Iancu).

With this success, FC Voluntari left the penultimate place.

FC Hermannstadt have obtained only one point in their last eight away games.

FC Voluntari – AFC Hermannstadt 1-0 (0-0), Stadium“Angel Iordănescu” – Volunteers

Scored: George Merloi (70 – penalty).

Referee: Szabolcs Kovacs (Carei); assistant referees: Mihai Marius Marica (Bistrita), Romică Bîrdeş (Pitesti); fourth official: Andrei Antonie (Bucharest)

Video referee: Bogdan Dumitrache (Bucharest); video assistant referee: Vladimir Urzică (Piatra Neamţ)

Observers: Eduard Dumitrescu (Pitesti) – CCA, Marin Petrache (Săbăreni/Giurgiu) – LPF.