President Klaus Iohannis, pictured on the golf course with his wife

A photo at the golf course in which President Klaus Iohannis and his wife, Carmen appear, was published on Friday by journalists from the “Unirea” newspaper in Alba Iulia.

PHOTO: Unirea newspaper

The appetite for golf of President Klaus Iohannis was manifested this week as well, as the journalists from the newspaper “Unirea” from Alba Iulia show. Klaus Iohannis and his wife, Carmen, were photographed on the golf course in Pianu de Jos, Alba county.

The image was captured on Friday, March 29, and President Iohannis appears wearing white shorts and a red T-shirt.

On Friday, President Klaus Iohannis allegedly played a game of golf in Pianu de Jos, Alba County, several sources told According to them, the president would also have been two weeks ago at the golf club. He was accompanied by the first lady, Carmen Iohannis”, notes Ziarul Unirea.

Klaus Iohannis has also been seen in the past on the golf course “Paul Tomita” from the town of Pianu de Jos.

In September 2021, present at the same golf club, President Iohannis pleaded for the practice of golf, which he characterized as “un sport that is not at all exclusive and that offers a very good opportunity to spend more time in nature, to exercise”.

Golf can be practiced at any age and I encourage as many as possible to discover this beautiful sport, which offers many satisfactions”declared Klaus Iohannis.