FCSB – Farul, offside by the laughter of the turkeys: the explanations of a monumental refereeing blunder

The last match of the 24th stage, FCSB – Farul (1-1), created yet another scandal related to refereeing. There were two monumental errors, as the Truth explained here.

Gheorghe Hagi, the manager of Farul, was outraged by what happened at the National Arena

Now, we have an explanation for the error in the 58th minute, when a Faro goal was disallowed for a non-existent offside. In short, those in the VAR room drew the lines erroneously! This shocking explanation was provided by VAR representatives in Romania, according to the official website of the Romanian Football Federation.

What is written in the press release published on frf.ro?

*In the match FCSB – Farul Constanța in stage 24, there was a situation of analyzing a possible offside position, wrongly solved by the replay operator, this fact led to the cancellation of a goal scored by the visiting team.

*The replay operator did not exactly follow the procedure for drawing the lines related to the attacking player, this leads to distortions of the distances between the players involved in the analysis of the suspected offside phase.

*The replay operator misused the procedure called triangulation, which is used when a player is with part of his body in the air, and thus the result of the analysis was an erroneous one. It should be noted that the analysis took longer than usual to accurately determine the moment the ball was hit, a process dependent on the timing of the cameras, and because the analysis process was repeated three times, each time with the same erroneous result .

*For the mistake in the match, the replay operator was sanctioned and suspended from delegation for an indefinite period.