Kelemen Hunor, call for calm regarding the introduction of voluntary military training: All European nations must think about preparing the population

The president of UDMR, Kelemen Hunor, explained that Romania must prepare for anything, without creating panic, at Digi24, stressing that there is no danger of the war in Ukraine expanding. According to the head of the Union, all countries must prepare their population.

The head of the UDMR stated that all European states must prepare the population PHOTO ARCHIVE

Kelemen Hunor told Digi24 about the assertion of the Chief of Staff of the Army that “it was probably better if the statement was made by the president of Romania, because he is the commander of the Army and it would have been understood differently”.

On the other hand, the head of the UDMR claims that “the chief of the General Staff is right when he says that Romania must prepare for anything, that's what everyone in Europe does, without panicking, without creating panic, without saying that a war is imminent, there is no such danger, and this needs to be stated again”emphasized the UDMR leader.

Asked if it was a communication error, the UDMR president answered: “Absolute! That was the natural order, a political discussion, from the President of Romania, then in the Parliament and for General Vlad and those who are in charge of the Army to come with their arguments and support from the respective area”Kelemen Hunor also said.

“It must be seen that the world has changed and not for the better. (…) If we look at everything that is happening and what are the forecasts for this development in our area, I am not very optimistic either. Romania, and any state, invests in security, in the safety of citizens, this also happens in Poland, and in Slovakia, and in Hungary and in Great Britain, Romania is not an exception, only the approach is unusual“, Kelemen Hunor also declared.

The head of the UDMR also emphasized that, “if society is not prepared and there is no calm approach, then immediately the world panics, and this must be understood by General Vlad and by politicians”.

“It is a moment when all European nations must think about the preparation of the population and I do not want to give an alarmist message, but it is a reality in which we live”, Kelemen Hunor also explained.