Firea announces that PSD Bucharest is proposing it to the Capital City Hall. The announcement, a day after the Coalition decided to conduct new polls for the future candidate

Gabriela Firea, first vice-president of the PSD, announced on Wednesday that the social-democratic organization from the Capital decided, unanimously, to support her candidacy for the position of general mayor. The announcement comes in the context of the momentary deadlock in the Coalition regarding the proposal of a common candidate.

Gabriela Firea: I am determined to work again for the development of the city Photo: Archive

I would like to thank my colleagues from the PSD Bucharest Permanent Bureau who decided, by unanimous vote, to support my candidacy for the Capital City Hall. I am determined to work again for the development of the city, for the people who have been abandoned for almost four years, for all the projects that have been thrown in a drawer just because they were worked on by the social democratic team“, wrote Gabriela Firea on her Facebook page.

The PSD senator also announced who are the validated candidates for the sector town halls.

“In the sector town halls, the current mayors were unanimously validated: Sector 3 – Robert Negoiță, Sector 4 – Daniel Băluță, and in Sector 5 the support of Cristian Popescu Piedone was voted.

We decided that we will carry out surveys and other research for: Sector 1 – Florin Lixandru, secretary of state in the Ministry of Education; Sector 2 – Rodica Nassar, MP and president of the PSD Sector 2 organization, prefect Rareș Hopincă and deputy Dan Cristian Popescu; Sector 6 – Senator Gabriel Mutu”, Nature mentioned.

The PSD Bucharest leader claimed that the party he belongs to wants to “save the Capital from the fake saviors“, claiming “administration specialists” which had beneficial projects for the inhabitants.

In Bucharest, we have only one goal: to save the Capital from the false saviors. The people of Bucharest no longer need experiments, all kinds of unsuccessful attempts! This city must continue with the people who have demonstrated that they can be good stewards, with the administration specialists who have come up with beneficial projects for the people who live and work in the Capital. The social democratic team is ready to fight for the people of Bucharest, for Bucharest! We have demonstrated that we can and have this great responsibility towards the citizens. I thank all colleagues from the six sectors, members of internal women's organizations, pensioners and young people for their trust and support”, concluded Firea.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said on Friday that at the moment the candidate for the position of general mayor of the Capital from the PSD is Gabriela Firea, but in the next period the social democrats will decide whether they will go to these elections separately or together with the PNL.

As Adevărul reported on Tuesday, sources from the Coalition claim that PSD and PNL are still looking for the best option for the candidacy for the Capital City Hall, they will announce who is the person chosen for the electoral race in two weeks at the latest, after more surveys are done.

According to the latest CURS survey, the PSD Bucharest leader, Senator Gabriela Firea, ranked 2nd in Romanians' preferences for PMB. Asked who they would vote with if there were local elections next Sunday, 36% of respondents ticked Nicușor Dan (USR-PMP-FD), who was followed by Gabriela Firea (PSD) with 33%, and by Cristian Popescu Piedone ( PUSL, spontaneous) by 10%.