Firea or Burduja, PSD-PNL joint candidate in Bucharest? What did Ciolacu answer?

Marcel Ciolacu, said on Wednesday, when asked who has the best chance of being a candidate for the Capital City Hall Gabriela Firea or Sebastian Burduja, that the chances are equal, while Nicolae Ciucă specified that the decision will be made after establishing the profile of the candidate in the perception voters.

Fiera or Burduja, this is the question PHOTO Inquam Photos

For his part, when asked at the press meeting at the Palace of the Parliament, whether PNL and PSD could support a joint candidate for the Capital City Hall, Gabriela Firea or Sebastian Burduja, Ciucă said: “At this moment we did not get to discuss in detail and a most honest answer is that even if we were to establish a common candidate we need an evaluation, a survey to see what is the positioning of those who are possible candidates and, of course , we are very interested in the candidate's profile in the voters' perception“.

He mentioned that, after the results of the polls, it will be analyzed in the coalition and a decision will be made.

We are not talking about a division, we are talking about the most competent people to lead the administration, those who have the experience and application to do so. I am one of the people who was the deputy mayor of Buzău.

You have to have something in you to be able to do this most difficult work and I think the proudest work you can do is to be elected in your own town and work for the place where you were born . I am firmly convinced that in the next period we will come up with the best political decisions for the candidacies stated by you“, said Ciolacu.

Asked who has a better chance, Gabriela Firea or Sebastian Burduja, the PSD leader replied: “Equal chances“.