Food mistaken for an explosive at the airport. Why you should never tie a luggage ribbon

Many people choose to tie a colored ribbon to their suitcases when checking in to make them easier to recognize at their destination, but have been told not to. In addition, there are prohibited foods that should never be taken on a plane trip.

Air travel and the surprises that can arise when you don’t follow some rules Collage

There are many hitherto well-kept secrets about long-haul travel, especially by air, that could save you unnecessary stress and even a lost trip if you knew them.

Such air travel tips are being offered more and more often by those who work in the field. For example, an airline baggage handler – an employee of a handling company – revealed why tourists should think twice before decorating their luggage with ribbons. Although many travelers tie all sorts of colorful things to their suitcases to make them easier to recognize at baggage claim, an airport source warned that this common practice could have unintended consequences.

And it’s not the only thing that could turn your vacation or trip into a nightmare if some natural flying rules aren’t followed.

Airplane luggage Photo Archive The truth

Airplane luggage Photo Archive The truth

“Remove old stickers from airplane luggage, they can cause scanning problems”

The worker explained that the apparently harmless ribbons could interfere with baggage scanning systems.

“The ribbons/scarves that people tie to their suitcases to help them identify them can cause problems when scanning their bags in the baggage hall. If your bag can’t be scanned automatically, it may end up in manual processing, which could mean your bag doesn’t make it onto your flight. Remove old stickers from your luggage as they may cause confusion during the scanning process”said the baggage handler.

Marzipan, among the prohibited foods, because the density is similar to that of explosives

In addition, the employee offered a strange tip for travelers: avoid packing marzipan!

It appears that the density of the dessert is similar to that of explosives, which could lead to a scare on the part of the airport security employees who would proceed to remove the suitcase and its owner from the airline. Marzipan is therefore included in the list of prohibited foods that you should not take with you on a plane trip.

The delicious food, marzipan, that can cause you problems at the airport Photo Arhiva Adevărul

The delicious marzipan that can cause you problems at the airport Photo Archive Adevărul

New flight rules in some countries – up to two liters of liquids

In travel news, a travel expert pointed out that, for example, a staggering four out of five Britons are unaware of security measures, even those implemented this year. Major UK airports have installed or are set to install advanced scanners that will allow passengers to carry up to two liters of liquids in hand luggage and leave electronics such as laptops packed, according to “The Mirror”. The measure could not be implemented in all UK airports, yet.

Liquids sealed in bags, on a plane trip and without the use of an external battery

There are other travel tips you should keep in mind. For example, it is worth mentioning that in the rest of Europe you are not allowed to carry liquids in containers larger than 100 ml, up to one liter in total, or containers under pressure – such as sprays, in your hand luggage, compared to the UK where up to two liters of liquids have already been allowed.

In addition, liquid products must be placed separately in a sealed bag measuring 20 cm x 20 cm. If you have them in your bag, it would be advisable to take them out and put them in trays, just like you do with your laptop, umbrella or other electronic devices. This way you save unnecessary wasted time, in case you are turned back at security control, the insistent and displeased looks of other hurried passengers and the sense of humiliation that follows them.

Also, another rule on the plane is that you don’t use an external battery on a plane trip because it’s an explosion hazard, as a flight attendant shared with us.