What a university professor says about Mircea Geoană’s doctoral thesis: “It exceeded the standards of correctness”

University professor Radu Mușetescu is one of those who, almost 20 years ago, analyzed the thesis on Romania’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic Structures. Then he found that the paper exceeded the standards of fairness in terms of plagiarism.

Mircea Geoană PHOTO: EPA EFE

The teacher says that “if all the candidates for the presidency of Romania were, from an academic point of view, ca Mr. Mircea Geoanăit would not be bad for Romania at all”.

Radu Mușetescu, professor at ASE Bucharest, Faculty of International Economic Relations, published a message on Facebook.

“As a member of the Department (former Chair) of International Economic Relations, it seems somewhat morally imperative to make a comment myself”he explained his approach.

He later revealed that “as a young assistant professor” was one of those who participated in the presentation of Mircea Geoană’s thesis, entitled “Developments in the North Atlantic Area. Conclusions for the Integration of Romania in the Euro-Atlantic Structures”.

The presentation was a mandatory step in the defense process of a doctoral thesis and was followed by the defense of the thesis.

“Later, I was also present at the support, being invited like any teaching staff from the faculty. That Mr. Geoană was (already) an expert in NATO and the topic of the thesis, was something of the record for all the participants. That he had written every one of the 600 pages of the work, again, was obvious to the entire audience, both at the department level (about 50 professors in the field, some of them asking questions to the doctoral student) and for the public audience in ASE at the defense (of otherwise, I think no one writes 600 pages unless they do it out of passion, otherwise it boils down to the minimum 100-150 pages needed)”explained professor Radu Mușetescu.

He revealed that he had the curiosity to analyze the thesis with three anti-plagiarism software. The result was that the 2005 thesis exceeds even today’s standards of fairness.

“Having access to the thesis since then, along with the current discussions, I was interested, out of curiosity, how it stands in the chapter of anti-plagiarism programs. The indicators are relevant and speak for themselves. After it was passed through 3 nationally and internationally recognized anti-plagiarism software – Turnitin, Plagiarism Detector and Sistemantiplagiat.ro – the conclusion is that the degree of similarity with other previously written works or documents does not exceed the level of 0.9% (in fact, titles of legal documents and texts). So, no plagiarism. At the level of 2005, the thesis exceeded the correctness standards of 2024”added Radu Mușetescu.

The teacher’s conclusion is that in the 2024 election year, it would be good if more candidates met Mircea Geoană’s academic standards.

“What can only lead me to think: if all the candidates for Romania’s presidency were, from an academic point of view, like Mr. Mircea Geoană, it would not be bad for Romania at all. To say nothing more”stated Radu Mușetescu.