Gigi Becali made a new party. The boss from FCSB has brought a former international with him

After the New Generation Party, Gigi Becali created another party, New Guard – Christian Democrat. The political formation was registered shortly before the start of the electoral campaign.

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Gigi Becali is the founder of the Nouă Garda – Creștin Democrată party, and with him are the former international Ionuț Lutu and Ionescu Dorin Laurențiu.

Ionuț Lutu, 48 years old, was a footballer and became Becali's trusted man. Recently, he was made by Becali and sole associate and administrator of the company Becali Hotels SRL.



Gigi Becali announced in September 2023 that he wants to get involved in the 2024 presidential elections, claiming that he is willing to spend all his wealth to put “someone else to run the country”, writes Aktual 24

Gigi Becali was sentenced, on May 20, 2013, to three years in prison in the land exchange case with the Ministry of Defense and later received a six-month extension, after two other convictions, in the “Suitcase” case and in the case of the seizure of who stole his car.