Grindeanu: No decision has been made yet on a merger of the elections

The first vice-president of the PSD, Sorin Grindeanu, explained that there is still no decision in the Coalition regarding a merger of this year's elections, given that at the moment the scenarios foresee two mergers.

The minister explained that the decision is to be taken PHOTO Inquam Photos

The governing coalition has not yet made any decision on any kind of merger of the elections, but it is a matter of days until a decision is made, the Minister of Transport claimed, according to Agerpres, when asked what he thought about the scenario that appeared in the public space according to which a second merger would have been decided in the Coalition, namely parliamentary with the second presidential round.

I support what I said a week ago – namely the following: that it is honest to go in front of the citizens head-to-tail to say exactly what you, the coalition in the present case, want, namely: do you want the merging of the European Parliament with the local ones or do you want what you were saying. It must be said head-to-head what the Coalition of Romanians proposes, not by segments, not otherwise. That's what I still support,” said the minister.

Soin grindeanu emphasized that “no decision of any kind has been taken until today consolidation within the Coalition”.

“I still maintain that, when an agreement is reached in the Coalition, this agreement must be made for all types of elections, say very clearly what calendar you propose to the Romanians and go and present this whole calendar honestly. A decision should be made. I am still the first vice-president of the PSD and I inform you that no decision has been taken from this point of view”the minister added

The social democrat pointed out that “anyway, it's a matter of days, considering the calendar we have, with the mandatory dates for the European Parliament elections, which are around June 9.”

“And, then, the calendar forces you to make certain government decisions, certain things that cannot be delayed much longerGrindeanu concluded.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu declared that on Thursday the governing coalition will debate with all the arguments on the table, on the subject of combining the elections. Thus, the PSD leader supports the idea of ​​organizing local elections together with the European Parliament elections.