The financier of the University of Craiova reacts to the statements of the mayor Olguța Vasilescu: “We don't want a merger”

Mihai Rotaru, the patron of the Craiova University Club, had a first reaction after the statements of the mayor of the municipality, who wants a merger between Craiova's teams.

Mihai Rotaru, patron of the Craiova University team PHOTO: Archive

The mayor of Craiova, Olguța Vasilescu, expressed his desire for the city to have its own team in big football.

“I would very much like there to be only one team in Craiova. I tell you very honestly, but there are still asperities… There is still work to be done on such a project. But it's a shame to have two teams in League 1, both grandmothers, when we could have a very good one to fight for the title with every year”, said Lia Olguța Vasilescu at Digi 24.

The patron of Craiova University, Mihai Rotaru, does not even want to hear about this.

I don't know anything, it will never be a problem. Why would Craiova University ever merge with anyone? You can not. There is only one Craiova, it is the University of Craiova. He didn't talk about a merger, he talked about wanting to be one team in the city. We don't count. We respect the others from our city, but there is no question of a merger. We have opened the shareholding, we are going on a different path at the moment. We don't want a merger, nor do we want to go to war with anyone. We are not at war with anyone, maybe others are at war with us”, said Mihai Rotaru, on the show “Liga Digi Sport”, writes