Halep, victim of the system: “She can't get justice”. Cruel verdict when everyone is watching TAS |

Simona Halep (32 years old) started “career match” in Lausanne, hearings of the appeal submitted in the doping case to be held at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) until Friday. Then, Constanta will wait for the final verdict that TAS will give in this highly publicized case.

Simona Halep played her last match on August 29, 2022. PHOTO: Arhiva Adevărul

Naturally, “Simo”, her team of lawyers and fans are hoping for a decision by which the former world number 1 will return to the WTA circuit. Because if the 4-year suspension that expires on October 6, 2026 is upheld by the CAS, then Halep will announce the end of her career. Which he already admitted. Unfortunately, Simona's prospects at TAS are not very good. Lawyer Cristian Cernodolea explained this today in an exclusive interview for Adevărul.

The drama is that, regardless of the TAS decision, this “stain“, which means Simona's suspension for doping, will remain on her resume. And if TAS will forgive her – which is very hard to believe! – always “Simo” will be associated with this doping story. That's why Monica Munteanu Ducarroz, specialist in Strategic Communication and Public Relations, is convinced that Halep will be a victim of the system. In dialogue with journalist Romeo Chiriac, in the Business Philosophy podcast, Monica Munteanu Ducarroz analyzed the Halep case from the position of a communication specialist.

I have thought about this situation many times. I think what happened to Halep is extremely unfair, because the system is built in such a way that she cannot get justice in any form. What my agency (no – in Halep's case) would do is clearly point out its lack of responsibility in this situation. But as long as the rules of this sport indicate that the athlete is also responsible, you are in a problem, you cannot solve it. To solve it, you should make a very broad movement, in which the whole industry takes a stand. All sports to take a stand, which is very difficult, because they are probably afraid to do something“, declared Monica Munteanu Ducarroz.