Three-year-old girl, miraculously saved by the doctors from Iași. He had a large tumor on his brain

A three-year-old girl from Botoşani was miraculously saved by the doctors from Iași. She had a large tumor on her brain, and the operation was extremely difficult and risky.

Neurosurgery Hospital in Iaşi PHOTO SOURCE The Adevărul Archive

According to medical personnel, the girl was diagnosed with a large tumor located in an area of ​​the brain with vital functions for breathing and the heart.

The intervention, extremely risky

The manager of the Emergency Clinical Hospital “Prof. Dr. Nicolae Oblu” in Iasi, Dr. Lucian Eva, stated that this extremely difficult case presented significant challenges because the child also had a strong cold in her lungs.

,,The three-year-old patient was transferred from Botoşani, with symptoms of intracranial hypertension. She complained of severe headaches, accompanied by vomiting and visual disturbances for some time. At our clinic, she was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor. These tumors are quite rare and mainly affect children, because they develop from embryonic remains during intrauterine development“, explained Dr. Lucian Eva.

Preparing the operation, a very complicated step

The surgical intervention was a complex one, the medical staff claim, and the pre-operative preparation took some time, because the little girl also had bronchopneumonia that had to be treated before the operation.

,,There was a moment when the medical team was very stressed because the lung infection could endanger the operation. After the stabilization of the pulmonary condition, we performed the surgical intervention, but the tumor was extended from the brain stem to the level of the fifth cervical vertebra, which made the resection difficult and delicate. The tumor was in an area of ​​the brain with vital functions, such as breathing and heart control, which increased the degree of difficulty of the intervention. Any damage to these nerve tracts could have had catastrophic consequences. About 80% of the tumor was removed. With appropriate oncological treatment, there are high chances of survival for the girl. The fact that he was not left with neurological deficits is extraordinary news“, Dr. Eva explained.