Hellvig: But what if you don't get a Ronald Reagan or a Volodymyr Zelensky?

In a post on the social network X (formerly Twitter) Eduard, Hellvig, politician, journalist and former director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (from March 2015 until July 2023), now that there are still a few months until the elections, makes a extremely acid criticism of the political class and the “evolutions” in the field.

Eduard Hellvig. Photo: The Truth Archive

The former director of the SRI speaks of stars transformed into politicians, shampoo candidates and the “withering away” of the theories of Max Weber (German sociologist, philosopher, jurist, historian and political economist, whose ideas deeply influenced social theory and social research).

Some time ago, it was common for television to make celebrities out of politicians. For some time now, both in our country and in the world, stars have become politicians overnight. And they call themselves “independents”.

Eduard, Hellvig laments the lack of politicians of vocation and profession.

Max Weber died a century ago, meanwhile his idea of ​​vocation and profession politicians also died. The route to the rarefied air of politics has the shortcut of notoriety figures; diverse names are measured with glue to the electorate, political science coming along the way, as it would come as a specialization in the workplace.”

The politician also laments the fact that political ideas no longer have any importance in the current political space.

Ideology is put in parentheses, and the man with good numbers becomes that he has “political scope”. Ideology comes after. Or if it doesn't come, it's not bad. The star is transformed into an independent supported by “political forces”. The competence of the candidate-champion is precisely his success, whatever it may be – in sports, in business, in music, in fashion, on the stage of the theater or on the stage of life. The star-system was never more logical, Weber never more outdated.”

Eduard Hellvig believes that everything is now more of a show than a competition of ideas and economic-social measures. “People are tired of “them from now”, and a bling-bling from outside the circle can't be worse than them. It's all about not being one of “them”. Current politics has ended up devouring its essence and inventing new heads through which to spit flames of welfare. New heads that will be loved by the electorate and that will not resemble anything that has been before.

But the new people have nothing to lose, no career to defend, no reputation to preserve. When the show starts to whistle, they grab their make-up kit and go on their way. And as always, it is up to “them” to look for solutions.

With snacks all the rage, any name that collects three identical fruits has a chance to make the list. It is not necessarily wrong either, inspiring examples are very notorious. But what do you do if you don't get a Ronald Reagan or a Volodymyr Zelensky?”